Who’s Following You?

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.” (Psalm 23:6)

There are a number of people out there who are afraid of their own shadow. Every noise heard in the middle of the night makes them cringe. The shadows of the tree branches makes them quiver in fear and heaven help those who see the shadow of others behind them, before they see the person. And then there are those who think “someone” is always following them, when in reality–their fear has caused them to see things, not really there.

Shadows–are only cast where there is light. When we walk in the light, we have no need to fear the shadows we see, but in darkness–a shadow is not cast and then evil may indeed lurk.

Taking a short cut through an alley is never a good idea, especially when the dusk looms. But there is a story afoot that tells about a young girl who was not paying attention to her surroundings and decided to take a short cut through an alley–to get home. She was humming a song when she thought she heard a sound and turning did not see anyone, so she started repeating the 23rd Psalm. Before she could get halfway to her destination, three thugs followed her and were about to attack when they saw the shadows of three people–much larger than they were. Fear overtook them and they ran for their lives-in the opposite direction. The young girl turned and watched them, smiling. She knew something they didn’t. There was a light attached to a building closer to her home in the alley and what the thugs saw–were their own shadows.

When we understand how life works–on a practical level as well as a spiritual plane–we have no need to walk in fear and we can know with certainty, that “goodness and mercy” shall follow us wherever we go.

If our lives are hid in Christ Jesus–we have no need to fear–and can–with wisdom–go through life, being thankful for the shadows that loom large in lives as we walk in the light!