Stand Firm (Part Three)

(Still in Ephesians 6)

Now think about this—membership into any entity means when you join—you agree to abide by the rules and policies. What makes you think a church should operate any differently? If you’re not a member—don’t expect to sing in the choir, serve on the usher board or to hold any other office or position in a church. If you’re not financially supporting the church “as a member” don’t expect to have any say-so in what the church does with the resources they have. When I read some of the asinine comments people make about “what a church or pastor should do” I know they are not supporting members anywhere. In fact, for those who claim to be Believers—I wonder if they even know what it means to be in relationship with God—not just the church or a religion.

And speaking of “religion” and how every negative comment regards it—get over it. Religious people seldom have a relationship with God. They are religious out of tradition, not knowledge—they don’t have a clue. I can tell from some of the comments being made that there are a number of people who say they have been turned off religion because of the actions of the pastor who cancelled the funeral. Good for them—they didn’t need religion to start with—they need Jesus. If all they’re seeking is religious involvement, they might as well not attend any church and they certainly need not condemn others who do not support their beliefs.

Another point of contention—for me. Why is it that every time a Believer says something is sin—everyone wants to jump down their throats? If you don’t want to believe a certain behavior or lifestyle is sin—whoopee! You don’t have to believe, but stop trying to tell us what we believe is wrong and expecting us to change our beliefs for you. You don’t have a heaven or hell for us, so why should we care what you believe? If you have a right to believe what you want to believe—so do we do—and I’m not suing anyone to make that point. The court systems should be ashamed of themselves for getting caught up in Satan’s web and deliberating promoting ungodliness. You can think what you want of this statement—in the end—God will judge its merits and everything else we do or say.

Finally, I must end this rant. I applaud every pastor and believing Christian who stands firm on the foundational beliefs of the Bible. The bible—regardless of version or translation—as long as the “intent of the Word is not compromised” is our foundation for what we believe. If people want to believe a stone has power—so be it. If people want to believe that a snake has power—so be it. If people want to believe that “any mortal being” has power—so be it. Believe whatever you want, but get off the backs of those who stand firm in their belief that God is right and every man a liar. So pastors—stand your ground and preach The Word—living The Word so all may see The Word come to life and be a standard by which God will judge us all. After all—these people did not call you to lead people to Christ—you owe them nothing, but your allegiance is to God and Him alone.

This message has been brought to you by one who not only understands the Written Word of God, but also has a relationship with Him and is not about to play doormat to those who want to step all over Believing Christians. God and God alone shall judge us all! Hallelujah to our Risen Savior! I approve this message!