Obey Whom?

“But Peter and John replied, “Do you think God wants us to obey you rather than him?” (Acts 4:19 NLT)

I love reading about the “acts of the apostles” and how courageous they were when confronted with unbelief in others.

The “religious council” was amazed at the depth of understanding of these men who had not been taught “under their supervision” and could not possibly believe they knew anything about the scriptures. In the Kings James Version, they are referred to as “ignorant and unlearned” but in the New Living Translation, they are referred to as “ordinary” men.

What is important to note is that in spite of the council’s feelings, they also recognized that the men had also been seen with Jesus and they could see with their own eyes, the miracle that had been performed before them. So they threatened them and told them not to speak “in the name of Jesus” because they were fearful of their own authority being undermined. They, “the religious council,” wanted to make sure they controlled the people and wanted the people to obey them.  And today, I start with their response.

Do you think God wants us to obey Him or the “politically correct” mantra that is not based upon His teachings, but founded upon the “feelings” of man?

Feelings–unchecked emotions–create an environment of chaos and confusion, fueled by hatred for others when they dare to think differently.

God does not respond to our emotional outbursts, but to our obedience to His Word and our faith in Him!

Hatred is not of God but we know who fuels those thoughts and actions–Satan–the fallen angel who is called by many names, but his intent never changes–to hate all that God has created because God is Love!

Whenever we think we are more powerful than God or equal to Him, we enter into a realm of pride and our pride leads us by our egos and we are bound to fall–and everyone will know of our fall. Yes, I know there are some who teach that we are “gods” with a little “g” but in order to avoid the pitfall that comes with thinking we are equal to God, I’d rather be His child and receive His many benefits when I obey Him, rather than those who have no relationship with Him.

That’s my position–who would rather obey–God or man?