Cursed Children!

For the LORD loves justice,
and he will never abandon the godly.
He will keep them safe forever,
but the children of the wicked will die.(Psalm 37:28 NLT)

We know what happens to us when we do wrong things, but have we ever considered the position in which we place our children–those we say we love?

Most children emulate their parents–good or bad–and when they see and hear what we say and do and do the same things, we set them up for disaster. How many times do we need to see parents on television bemoaning the loss of a child who was killed in the midst of a home invasion? How many times do we need to raise money to bury those children who have died at the hands of those who had no respect for life? How many times have we heard about wayward teens assaulting senior citizens and women–robbing them because their parents would not give into their demands for “things?” When are we going to get tired enough to stop the madness–by paying more attention to what we do and what our children see?

I’ve known about parents who taught their children to steal and lie and then wonder why their children ended up in jail or a morgue before they reached the age of 21.

I’ve known about parents who abused and misused their children and then see surprised when they discover that their children are child-molesters or sexual predators.

I’ve known about parents who had no conscience at all about how they treat other people–committing assaults and murder for no reason other than the person they assaulted or murdered was there. Some entire families are so twisted they feel they have right to batter others–just because. Now, what do they think their children are going to do?

While it is true that some children–manage to escape their curse–the legacy of their parents–far too many fall prey to the dictates of habit and family traditions that are totally lawless.

From The Word–we understand that we “the wrong doers” actually curse our children and their children–sometimes until the fourth generation–the time it takes for some to start thinking about how to break the curse and have better lives.

For those who are committing atrocities–whatever they are–especially those who are killing the innocent–simply because they can–those have started the clock that measures the time of the curse on the their children. To take this a step further, those who are violating life right now are part of the curse of their parents and are too foolish to realize it. At some point in time–someone has to wake up and see–how generations have been doomed because of traditions that have no bearing on reality. These traditional beliefs and habits lead to the devastation of families and entire nations because “some” refuse to think beyond what they think they know.

If a “practiced tradition” ignores the rights of others and violates human life–it is a tradition that has led to cursed children for generations and needs to cease from existence. It is time to teach love–not hate; acceptance–not rejection, and respect–not disrespect of people or authority.

When, O Lord, are we going to seek You in all that we do and understand that because You are Love–there is no hatred in You and You are not the promoter of hate in any manner? Help us, O Lord, to hear You when You speak and then learn to obey what You say, knowing that taking a life is not of You. Have mercy on us O Lord, who have to bear the burden of those who have sinned before we appeared and teach us how to live and not curse our children because of our behavior.