Stay In The Word!

“But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted!” (John 15:7 NLT).

Understanding¬† the “growth” of grape vines comes into play with the first six verses of this chapter and helps us to realize that without Him, without staying “in Him,” we are useless!

No matter how difficult things get or how impossible it seems for us to move forward, if we do not keep our focus in The Word, we become angry, confused, and distracted. In a state of anger–we provoke anger in others. When we are confused–we are totally ineffective at whatever we attempt to do. When we are distracted–we miss opportunities to see clearly what must be done for others. When we are not focused–keeping Him in the forefront–we are useless–to Him and to others.

But when we maintain our focus on Him, staying in The Word, constantly seeking His direction, and listening when He speaks, we are able to accomplish--whatever He desires–for others and ourselves, beyond our wildest imaginations or dreams. With Him, we can do anything He has asked us to do and reap the benefits of being obedient!

With Him, going before us in an uncertain world, we have more than enough to conquer whatever challenges we face.

With Him, we have no need to be fearful or concerned about the outcome of anything we do because His plans are greater than our plans.

With Him–not without Him–we serve the needs of the people and please Him in the process.

Not many may understand the importance of doing all things according to His Will, not our desires, but when things go wrong, and all the mistakes make our efforts worthless, then understanding comes. With understanding, hopefully, maturity is instilled and we move forward–doing all things in His Name!