Hollywood’s Harvest!

“Don’t be misled—you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from that sinful nature. But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit.” (Galatians 6:7,8 NLT)

My daughter recently got upset over the fact that there was nothing on television worth watching on a Thursday night–she was so disgusted that she started using the hastag #justunplug. Now, she’s thinking about starting a crusade against all the “junk” on television and of course, I’ll join her.

What junk? All of the shows that revel in revealing all manner of sexual promiscuityGrey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Modern Family, all the soap operas (left), the seamy reality shows that are not real at all and many, many more. With all of this junk on television (with no real story-lines or plots, just a promotion of ungodly behavior), why are we amazed at the moral decay we see on a regular basis in our homes and communities?

Teens are “exploring” their sexuality because of the junk they see on television and then everyone is complaining about the rise in sexually transmitted diseases. But then–we celebrate teen-motherhood by promoting people–specifically Bristol Palin–as a “star” simply because she had a baby as a teenager! What is this world coming to–the pathway of destruction and we will all reap the harvest planted by Hollywood.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers (encouraged by their godless parents and psychologists) are claiming to want to be another gender and the world is standing by applauding because the babies and their parents are riding into the limelight on television.

We glorify same-sex relationships and demonize anyone who opposes them and because Believers won’t take a firm stand on Gods Word–the opposition’s harvest is abundantly covering the planet. Hollywood would not be so successful if they did not have willing, demoralized people–waiting with baited breath to see what else they (Hollywood) can do to take us further into degradation.

And the other junk that has absolutely mesmerized people--werewolves, vampires, and walking dead (now there’s an oxymoron). We have truly become a universe of walking dead–dead to the leading of the Holy Spirit and anything remotely promoting Godly living. We sit back and complain and criticize all the young people who get caught in drugs, sexual promiscuity, deadly games to get attention, wife-swapping (like that’s supposed to be normal) and raising children in environments that are not conducive to “norms” and yet we get upset when they act out what they see on television.

Hollywood–its writers and producers and directors–will have to stand before the Lord one day, just as we will and give an account of their actions. The only way we will ever see a change in what we see on the news is to “unplug” from the decadent godlessness we see on television and in the movies, and “plug” into The Word and allow Holy Spirit to lead us back to a path of righteousness. If we, as Believers, won’t stand up for what is right, we will all reap from the harvest of decay that Hollywood has planted!

Father, create us in a renewed spirit and mind to want to serve You in all Godliness, setting aside any desire to promote Satan’s agenda. Lead us in tearing down the harvest of decay and planting the seeds of righteousness so the world will indeed become a better place. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!


2 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Harvest!

  1. Words of truth. Thank you.

    My mom lives with my husband and me; we still have cable because she “needs” it for her news, entertainment and politics. To tell you the truth, I can definitely live without the television, and would prefer to only have one for movies or documentaries that my husband and I choose to watch. The television and the constant drone from my mom’s tv is one of my crosses to bear.

    I find it astonishing how easy it was for Satan to pull us all in through marketing. Think about it…how many of us, including Christians, sit on our couches and allow the images, thoughts and sounds of whatever Hollywood or the 24/7 news outlets burrow into our minds and hearts? We call ourselves Christians, and consider this garbage entertainment for ourselves and for our children? I know none of us are perfect, however, it alarms me that when this issue is brought up to “people of faith”. they defend their entertainment decisions, declaring that it is only “entertainment”, and they and their children “know the difference between reality and entertainment.”

    REALLY? Why would God’s children want to be “entertained” with “the decadent godlessness we see on television and in the movies.” When we are truly aligning ourselves with Jesus, we are offended by the deceit and wickedness; and no longer desire or seek that which is offensive to Him.

    If our minds and hearts can not be manipulated by what we allow into our homes via the television and other media, why do companies spend such big amounts of money to flash their products in front of our zombielike faces? And for that matter, as thinking human beings, how did we allow ourselves to be in a position where we actually sit there and WATCH commercials for entertainment, or listen to commercials on our radios for entertainment? If it wasn’t so sad for our souls, it would be downright comical.

    This is a vexing issue for me. If I lived in this world by myself, I would probably not watch any television or listen to any radio programs for entertainment. It would be so much easier for me, and better for my spirit, if I were the one that chose each thing that I “let in” to my heart. I have learned to be very careful and discerning with reading materials.

    “Father, create us in a renewed spirit and mind to want to serve You in all Godliness, setting aside any desire to promote Satan’s agenda. Lead us in tearing down the harvest of decay and planting the seeds of righteousness so the world will indeed become a better place. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!”

    Thank you very much for sharing this post. This message is extremely important to many confused souls.

    Love and blessings to you,


    • My sister, my sister, how God uses you! Preach on! When more people become aware of Satan’s agenda and choose to turn away from it, then and only then will there be able a difference in the lives of all who believe! Loving you today and praying God’s best in your life, always! 🙂


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