The Lord Determines Righteousness!

“And Abram believed the LORD, and the LORD counted him as righteous because of his faith.”

There are many things that many people do and believe that makes them believe they are righteous. The problem with what we believe that makes us anything is that if it does not align with God’s Word, it doesn’t count.

The works of our hands–do not make us righteous in the eyes of the Lord.

We cannot just say–things that will keep us in right standing with God.

We cannot just do–works of repentance that will keep us in right standing with God.

It is our faith in God and in what He has said that keeps us in right standing with God. Our faith and belief have to align with God’s Word no matter what “people” say or do. If our faith is in man–any church leader–male or female–then our faith is misplaced. There is no human being who has obtained the Wisdom of God to the point they are wiser than God.

We must be careful then in whom we place our faith. Man–in all the fickleness of mind–changes what they believe and attempt to change all others who have demonstrated faith in them.

We cannot have more faith in our flawed political system or our imperfect politicians than God.

We cannot have more faith in the justice system or the justices who are appointed to be just when they are not, when they oppose God.

We cannot have more faith in our spouses than we have in God because mere human beings are subject to imperfection.

When our faith–nothing wavering–is completely centered in God, we cannot go wrong and He will count us as righteous because we are totally reliant upon Him to guide us in all things.

No matter what the Pope says, the Supreme Court Justices say, the President says, the church leaders, the legislators, the ACLU, community activists, no one should have the final say over what we do or in whom we have faith. If our faith is misplaced because of following people, then we surely cannot please God. If we have developed and established a Relationship with God, we will hear Him when He speaks and know that He is the only One we can be sure of–He never changes His mind.

Lord Jesus, help us to understand and to keep our focus on You so You will count us as righteous in Your sight because of our faith in You!