It’s In There!

“As it is written in the Scriptures, ‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from him comes to me.” (John 6:45 NLT)

There’s a pasta sauce commercial that comes to mind, but I cannot remember with certainty which one was advertised. I do remember that every time someone questioned what was in the sauce, the response was, “It’s in there!

Tomatoes–“It’s in there!”

Garlic–“It’s in there!”

Peppers–“It’s in there!”

Onions–“It’s in there!”

Now, though I may have forgotten all the ingredients mentioned in that commercial, the response is relevant to those of us who teach God’s Word and our response to any question about living right should be,”It’s in there!”

What questions might those be?

God’s response to liars–“It’s in there!”

God’s response to those changing His Word–“It’s in there!”

God’s response to all sexual immorality–“It’s in there!”

God’s response to parenting–“It’s in there!”

God’s response to praying–“It’s in there!”

God’s response to Satan’s influence–“It’s in there!”

God’s response to where we shall spend eternity–“It’s in there!”

God’s response to gaining wealth–“It’s in there!”

God’s response to healing–“It’s in there!”

God’s response to losing one’s soul in order to gain the world–“It’s in there!”

Whatever question we have–the answer is in God’s Word, but if we refuse to read and understand, we will never receive the Truth of The Word! Jesus is The Word alive–His Truth’s aligned with His Father’s and when men refused to accept Him, they also refused to accept what His Father had already said throughout the generations of mankind.

Everything we’ll ever need to know about living in right standing with God is in His Word–and those who read and seek understanding will obtain through Holy Spirit, but those who don’t–won’t!

As it is written in the Scriptures, “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God!”

If we refuse to believe God and that He is the creator of all things created and without Him, nothing was created, then we choose to live without benefit of His Wisdom and peace. Where God’s wisdom is not operating, there is chaos and confusion and we can see the results of confused people who now believe–we have no need for gender distinctions, public bathrooms to accommodate males and females–separately, no need for learning the distinction between a mother and a father, no need for respecting authority, no need to do anything other than–appease flesh–without regard to the consequences.

Satan’s influence has pervaded nations and he’s sitting back laughing at all the confusion because he has always hated everything God created for His loved ones–us!

With current trends  now evident–soon we will have no need to have names–other than–Clone numbers. How sad our God must be to see this current trend, but He knows the end from the beginning and for those of us who remain steadfast, immovable in our faith in Him, we will see how He handles all the confusion and then spend eternity with Him!

When we read His Word, we discover–all the problems that could fall upon man has already been addressed and we can say with confidence–“It’s in there!”