He Has Not Changed!

“I am the Alpha and the Omega—the beginning and the end,” says the Lord God. “I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come—the Almighty One.” (Revelation 1:8 NLT)

Before time was measured–He was.

In the midst of time revolutions–He is.

At the end of time, as we know it–He will be!

He is our self-sufficient, all knowing,

Ever-present, Awesome God.

There has never been another like Him,

Nor will there ever be–one like Him.

Not one god–has ever created all that was created,

Not one god–can move mountains or create the seas.

Not one god–can love man like He does,

Not one god–can be merciful and forgiving,

Though man may worship many gods,

There is none like Our God.

Though some may think He exists in the imaginations of man,

They cannot refute–all of creation–and if imagined into existence,

Why cannot man still imagine–things into existence, where nothing was?

He was not created by the hands of man,

Nor should He be worshipped with things man makes,

Those who know–worship Him in Spirit and in Truth,

Those who do not know–create symbols and images–

With the things that man has made and gives them power,

There is no power on earth like His

And there is no one who responds to the cries of man like He does.

Statues cannot respond to our pleas,

Holding beads or stones in prayer on our knees,

Will never accomplish what He can through

Our faith in Him–the only wise God!

He needed not man, but desired him to be,

The object of His affection, loved into life,

Guided along life’s journey, and waiting for him

For all eternity to live with Him!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah to the God of Heaven

Who was before, is now and forever will be–

Our soon-coming King, taking us Home–

Our Awesome God!

5 thoughts on “He Has Not Changed!

    • And how many of those gods ever created the universe? I do understand your non-belief; however, it takes having a relationship with the God of Heaven to understand Him. Throughout history, man has attempted to explain “the beginning of our existence” but none have come to the truth other than God’s Truth. It is your right to believe as you will, just as it is mine.


      • Many were said to have created the universe. There are creation myths woven through different god mythos throughout history.

        I also used to be a Christian.

        Not having a concrete answer to something doesn’t mean we should jump to the conclusion that your particular god did it.

        And of course it’s your right to believe if you wish. It’s a free society and no one suggested otherwise.


    • People can believe any theory they choose to believe. It is my relationship with God–a deep abiding relationship with Him–that clarifies His Word to me. There is only One God of Heaven–no matter what anyone else thinks–belief or unbelief is upon the individual, not me. I choose to promote Him and His Word as a means to salvation and eternal life. Others can choose to do whatever they choose to do.


  1. While I appreciate the interaction from readers, please don’t think that I’m trying to force you to believe what I believe. I am not just a Christian; I was a sinner, now saved by God’s Grace, and living to love Him and deepen our relationship. This relationship was established because of my experiences with Him. I have no experience with other gods to which I can relate.

    The God of Heaven–through His Spirit–opens up His Word to me with clarity and inspires me to live for Him because of His love for me. No theory or philosophy or other mythical beliefs can even come close what I have with Him–The Alpha and Omega–who was, is, and forever will be.


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