Mine Forever!

“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.” (Psalm 73:26 NLT)

No matter what happens to us–failing health or weakened Spirit, God remains our strength because in Him, we are made strong, and He will never leave us.

Perhaps, the greatest tests of our faith is when things start going wrong. Our attitude or response to each and every challenge that comes our way is an indicator of how much faith in God, we truly have.

Sickness will sometimes cause people to give up and curse God.

Loss of loved ones will sometimes cause people to give up and curse God.

When these things happen, I often wonder if people forget about Job and all the horrible things that happened to him and even when his wife told him to curse God, he wouldn’t. He understood that no matter what happens to us–our faith should remain in God. Like the Hebrew boys who refused to worship a statute or Daniel refusing to stop praying, we must know that events in our lives-good or bad–does not change who God is and or the promises He made to us.

We must develop our character to a place where when we are faced with difficult challenges, we can say with confidence that no matter what God allows to happen–He is still God and He is still mine!

Do we have that kind of faith–to say emphatically to our circumstances–“Circumstance–you are not bigger than God and no matter what happens as a result of you showing up in my life–He will be with me–forever?”

We can say that to cancer–no matter what the type–every stripe He received in His body was to cure mine–by one means or another.

We can say that to grief over loved ones–there is a season for all things, a time to be born and a time to die–God knows best in all things.

We can say that to financial woes–His desire is that I prosper as my soul prospers. I am rich beyond measure because of Him.

We can say that to rebellious children–children are a blessing not a curse and this too–shall pass.

We can say that to disappointment–My hope is in Christ Jesus who never disappoints me.

We can say that to bigotry and hatred–His love overflows and negates any hatred directed at me.

We can say that–to anything that occurs in our lives that causes us want to give up on God. He will never leave us or forsake those He loves–even when it looks like there’s no way out–He is “the Way-maker” in all things and He is ours–for all eternity!