While I watch the world collide–

Ideas, ideologies, opinions, beliefs,

My heart aches over the time wasted

Trying to convince others which one is right,

When babies are aborted, abused and misused,

Children lost, identity lost, and confused

In the midst of adult angst, not teens,

Who have their lost their way, understanding

Their role to be model Godly behavior at all times,

Whether it makes sense or has reason or rhyme.

But my heart aches because in our busyness,

We have forgotten the great love by which

He has shown us and what we should be showing to others.

We can be different and no one right.

We can even the odds with words or a fight,

But until love abides in our hearts, our days will be as night,

With the darkness of evil reigning as selfishness,

And self-centeredness, closes the door and deepens the plight

Of injustice, when we say wrong is right and refuse to ignite

Our lives with the love of God, bringing others into the light,

Developing relationships with Him and others and not

New religions or religious traditions that do nothing more,

Than attempt to control man over man and we leave God

Out of everything we do and wonder how we came to be

In such a mess. My heart aches!

I pray as the tears flow and wonder if God hears,

My pleas to help us get things right with Him so

We can have peace on earth as it is in Heaven, or

Has He reached the place like once before, when

He told Jeremiah, “Don’t pray for these people for

I will not hear you!” O Lord, my God, do not forsake

The remnant You said You’d save, that remnant who

Still believes and tries to achieve all that You ask,

And endures the scorn and persecution of completing each task,

Hear us O Lord, see our tears of regret and remorse,

Allow us back into Your presence where we’ll be forevermore,

And cut away all this stuff in us that makes us rebel and oppose,

Goodness, inherent in us because of You creating us in Your likeness

That we might do what is needed to keep this relationship right,

Separating daylight from the darkness of night, desiring to know

You better, O my heart aches for the comfort of Your loving arms

Embracing us each day, The safety from which we turned away

To do our own thing, living life as we please, ignoring what You said,

And using our knees for everything but communication with You,

My  H E A R T   A C H E S!


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