Motivating Love and Good Works!

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.” (Hebrews 10:24 NLT)

For some people–it is so much easier to instigate aggravation towards others, than to encourage motivation to love and do good.

We see this every day–on the news–in social media–some use these vehicles to promote hatred and bigotry as an outward expression of who they are–and they don’t like being alone in wallowing in their self-hatred.

People (with media assistance), promote unfounded rumors as truth–hoping to persuade the masses to take their side.

Social media users, take the slightest sound bite or misconstrued statement and perpetuates a flurry of “guilty verdicts” when people have not been given opportunity to be proven innocent.

How do we change this climate? If we–who proclaim to know Truth and desire to please Him change what we do, we can influence others.  We will use the same vehicles that others use to spread hate–to spread love and encourage others to love and do good.

Think–before doing anything or saying anything!

How many people will be negatively impacted by what is said or done?

Consider what is said or done–is it because of personal opinion, low self-esteem, self-hatred, or anger at another?

What will it take to bring a smile to someone’s face or ignite tears of joy instead of frowns and tears of sadness?

How many people have been outraged and blow up social media in outpourings of love and kindness, rather than hatred and innuendo?

Is it true–that hate spreads like an unchecked wildfire, and love flows as slow as molasses? Are we adding fuel to the wildfire or we changing the composition of the molasses to faster-flowing maple syrup?

People who hate demonstrate the same bitterness that accompanies sucking sour lemons for a life-time. People who love–want to share love and spread it like a warm blanket on a cold night.

Think–how can we change what is perceived as an atmosphere of hate into an atmosphere of love that wants only the best for everyone?

If we truly think about these things, perhaps we’ll hear Holy Spirit speak to our hearts and we will obey and move towards changing the world, one blog post, one tweet, one prayer, one encouraging word, one “I love you,” one act of kindness every hour of every day, one at a time and see the love coming back at us.

Lord Jesus, help us to get into position to receive Your Love, and share it with others, leaving no room for bitterness and hatred in our hearts and certainly not allowing any bitterness and hatred to flow through our fingers onto keyboards that end up in cyberspace, igniting chaos and confusion, but rather use the love in our hearts in encouraging love towards all–unconditionally.


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