Never in the Dark!

“You, LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” (Psalm 18:28 NIV)

If a person has ever found themselves in total darkness, blackness, where not even a pinpoint of light is present, they know the importance of having access to light. When a person is in total darkness, hope diminishes, faith fades, and panic erupts.

Does this sound like the position we find ourselves in when we are cloaked in the darkness of sin?

Even though some succumb to the clutches of sin, ever struggling to get away from it, if they see a glimmer of light, they remain hopeful. Hope is what we have in The Light and with hope, faith can soar and we can know peace and calm in the midst of any situation that arises in our lives.

Darkness–in a number of instances in The Word is symbolic for sin and the influence of Satan. Light and lamps are symbols for hope and faith in God. Light and lamps are mentioned 248 times in the bible and darkness 142 times; light overrides and dispels darkness, every time.

Can a person accomplish anything in total darkness? What can be accomplished when the light of truth is spread all around us? One method of torture used by those seeking information in times of war and terrorism is darkness–when a person is kept in total darkness for specific amounts of time. In darkness–our imaginations rule and every possible horrible thing, invades our thinking. Once we see the light–even the tiniest point of light–shine, we begin to hope again.

Jesus reminds us that we must work while it is day–the light of the sunshine–helps us to see, for when darkness comes, no man can work.

Keep struggling to get out from under the cloak of darkness that invades and leaves you hopeless! Receive all who bring truth as a light unto your path and allow hope and faith to reign, never in the dark, again!