Why Faith in God? Part 2

“Then he touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith let it be done to you. And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.” (Matthew 9:29; 13: 58 NIV)

If we are like the two blind men who Jesus was speaking to, we must be believe that He is able to do what we expect Him to do.

The two blind men followed Him, begging for mercy (so they could see) and He stopped them and asked them, “Do you believe I able to do this?”

Their response was, “Yes Lord, we believe.”

His response was, “According to your faith (not another person’s faith, not even His), let it be done to you.”

God’s response to our petitions is based upon our faith, not our emotions. He knows every issue we have and He knows whether or not we have enough courage to ask for His help and enough faith to believe He will do it. When we speak, what we believe He will do, it is a demonstration of our faith.

Some of us need our spiritual eyes opened so we can see–all the good things He has in store for us, for the natural eye (the mind using man’s logic), cannot see into the spirit realm to understand just how much God loves us. Now, we can speak what we need–by faith–into existence, we can also speak–a lack of faith–and never see what we ask for.

When Jesus went to His home town, the people there had heard about the miracles He performed, but when they saw Him, they were full of disbelief, saying out loud, “Isn’t this carpenter’s son? Who does He think He is going around trying to make people believe He’s anything special.” I’ve paraphrased their response, but it’s accurate in intent.

Because of their dismay in who He was and their unbelief, not many people were healed and certainly not many miracles witnessed. Why? They spoke their lack of faith in Him! It was not His faith that needed to operate, but theirs if they wanted to see miracles.

Some people are doing the same thing today with their tongues–speaking their lack of faith–and then proclaiming that God doesn’t hear or respond to prayers. It is because of their lack of faith and actually their double-mindedness that keeps change from occurring. If we say–there is no God–why do we expect Him to do anything (He doesn’t exist for the naysayers, so why complain about Him). And then those same people who proclaim God doesn’t exist–dare to question the faith of those who know–He exists and He is faithful to those who call upon Him, by faith and obedience and He responds to ” our faith  in Him” not a lack of faith.

If we have no faith in Him and what He is able to do–don’t be surprised when He does not respond to our requests.

Remember this–He responds to our faith–spoken–in support of our belief--and He will do all He said He would do in His Word. “Yes, Lord, we believe You are able to do all things well for our benefit.”

Part 3 tomorrow!