Never Forgotten!

On Sunday, February 15, 2015, the area in which I live, experienced a major service outage for those who have AT&T UVerse. We had no television, no phone, and no wireless access. Fortunately, our cell phones were working and we were able to maintain communication with the “outside” world.

With no Internet or television to distract me, I was able to complete tasks much faster and sooner than I might have normally completed them. I had time to read, to talk with my grandson and husband, time to think and time to pray. At first, I was irritated that I could not post my daily blog, but while I sat, thinking, I remembered how I could use the time. I thought about all those who “follow” my blogs and my inability to remind them I was thinking about them and praying for them and then I prayed.

Father, in the name of Jesus,

Look upon all who love You and respond to every need.

For those who need healing in their bodies, heal them from the crowns of their heads to the souls of their feet and every bone, organ, muscle, tissue, cartilage, and joint in between.

For those who need a financial blessing, pour out wisdom from on high to obtain and maintain financial security.

For those who are lonely, speak to their hearts and remind them they are never alone because You are always there.

For those who feel unloved, encourage them to turn to Your Word and see Love in every page and be filled with the love You pour onto us.

For those who are confused and living in doubt, break the shackles of uncertainty and confusion from their minds so they can think clearly, with the mind of Christ.

For those who are haughty and high-minded, thinking they do not need You, bring them to the end of themselves so they will acknowledge Your greatness.

For those who feel weak in their own strength, strengthen them by the power of Your love and infilling of Holy Spirit.

For those who have been out in severe weather, protect them and  keep them all harm, keeping them safe until they can reach shelter from the winds and elements that could kill.

For those who are determined to minister to Your people by any means necessary, keep them diligent and focused, and safe, blessing all they put their hands to in honor of You!

Whatever the need is, Lord, You can respond to it like no one else and we give You all the praise and glory because You are the only one worthy of it.

All of this we ask and thank You for doing in Jesus’ name. In this moment, we declare it done! Amen!

Though I may not be able to communicate my love for you, know that I am always thinking and praying for God’s best in the lives of all who love Him and are willing to obey His Word. You are never forgotten by me!



“The LORD helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in him.” (Psalm 37:40 NIV)

Who does the Lord help and deliver? The righteous–those in right-standing with God can count on The Lord helping them and delivering them from all that attempts to hold them bound by the temptations influenced by evil. He delivers them from the wicked and saves (those in right-standing with Him) because they seek refuge in Him.

Every community should be a “safe haven” for those who live in it, but we know that does not always happen. Evil lurks, seeking whom it will attack and devour in our times, just as it did with the walled cities of old. The difference then is the cities had the watchmen walking the walls, looking for the attempts by others that meant danger to those who lived inside. When danger was seen, the alarm sounded and everyone knew what they had to do.

In addition to the walled cities for the majority of the occupants in a region, there were also cities built as a place of refuge for those who had been estranged from their place of origin or for those seeking shelter from the harm of others because they had accidentally killed someone (Numbers, Joshua).

I remember that in one neighborhood where I used to live, my home became the apparent refuge for children seeking shelter from harm by those living there who were certainly not law-abiding. There was drama unfolding on one particular evening and I looked out the door to see my porch full of children who were trying to get out of harm’s way. Most of these children participated in my “porch” bible study during the summer and I was glad they felt my house was a safe haven–a refuge from harm.

In the midst of stormy weather, we are told to seek refuge in low-lying areas and for those of us who have basements–to run to the basement for shelter. In the Midwestern regions–open ranges, they have storm cellars in which they seek shelter from the storms.

In the storms of life, filled with uncertainty and confusion, Our God is our refuge–a place where we can go and no one can harm us. When we are in right-standing with Him, there is nothing we cannot expect from Him–safety from those who would harm us, deliverance from things that would distract us, provision when we are unable to provide for ourselves, wisdom when we lack it and ask for it, mercy and grace we cannot earn, and love overflowing–when we are emptied out and need replenishing.

If ever there was a time we needed to know where we can find refuge, that time is now. Dangers are all around us–bone-chilling weather, icy road conditions, mindsets in opposition to God’s Word–all dangers that should cause us to run to The Lord, seeking refuge in Him to avoid the consequences of staying on the path of the wicked.

Don’t linger in the face of danger–RUN to the Lord and seek shelter in Him!