Never Failing Water!

“The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.” (Isaiah 58:11 NIV)

The essence of life for human beings is found in having access to water–clean, refreshing water–to nourish our bodies and the land. Without water, very simply–we dry up and die. Trying to live without God’s guidance is like living without water–eventually, people dry up from bitterness and frustration and die spiritually, which is the first step in the physical death. Where the spirit of the Lord is absent–there can be no life–because there is nothing to nourish the soul.

However, when we do things the way He tells us to do them--fasting, living, sharing, teaching, and loving–He will always guide us, satisfy our needs, strengthen us and we–like a well-watered garden–will blossom and grow, providing all the nourishment needed and then like a spring, we’ll be able to provide for others and the provisions will never end.

But if we’re going to be like a spring whose water never fails–because of its source of water–usually unseen, we must be careful in the distribution of our resources so they will be a constant supply. Water is both life-giving and life-taking. Too much at any given time when the ground won’t absorb results in floods and often the loss of life. Even in our giving and sharing with others, sometimes we can do too much for others without allowing them the opportunity to learn to do for self and we create a society of people who are constant drains on resources and when they are used up, they are gone and the people die. When “all” are contributing to the wellspring of provisions, the provisions will last and be a constant source to satisfy needs.

We must remember, when we do for others as God leads us to do, we become a resource, the conduit by which we are able to help others--not the source because God is the source –our supplier, and since He is the source–the never-ending, constant in our lives, we can always tap into the source–seeking wisdom–in becoming a resource for others.

Lord Jesus, help us to understand how You want us to be a spring whose waters never fail in demonstrating to others Your love. Provide us with wisdom from on high so we will do all things to Your glory in teaching others to follow You and seek You in times of need. Thank You for allowing us be resources to Your glory so we can convince others of the need to see You as the source of all we will ever need.