Watching and Waiting With Hope!

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.” (Micah 7:7 NIV)

Watching the news is depressing with all of the negative reporting. Human beings slaughtering other human beings because of difference of opinion. Kids killing kids. Teens assaulting teachers. Teachers involved in illicit sexual activity with students, Husbands killing wives. Wives assaulting people on the road. Extreme weather conditions causing people despair. Foolish people venturing out in extreme weather conditions causing others to be precarious positions trying to rescue them. Judges ruling on the side of evil incarnate and in opposition to God. Where will it all end?

It will end–all of it-when Jesus returns and for those who have chosen to live without His guidance, they will be left behind to deal with the consequences of their choices.

While I wait in the hope of His glorious return, I watch and pray and pray and watch. I pray and watch. I cry out to the Lord and I know He hears my cries, but He will not override a person’s will. So, I pray for those who are living in opposition to seek Him while He may be found. I pray for those who are the cause of evil to reach the end of themselves. I pray for parents to become Godly parents, understanding right from wrong and teaching their children the same and how to respect others.

I pray for teachers to be adults with integrity to teach their students and not become physically involved with them. I pray for the students to be wiser and more interested in amassing an educating than in seducing or enticing or being enticed by their teachers.

I pray for preachers to be men and women of integrity, exercising wisdom given from on high, inspired to teach God’s Word, based upon God’s Word and His intent for all mankind. I pray for those attending churches–that they will read the bible for themselves and seek God for understanding, not allowing mere mortals to entice them away from God’s intent.

I pray for all of mankind to receive God’s love so they’ll be able to love others and stop the killing. I pray for all of us to hear God when He speaks and that we will obey Him, in promoting the Gospel and loving one another.

I’m watching and waiting with hope in my heart to see change in hearts of people–that we’ll do better and be ready when He returns. And while I’m waiting, I’m writing–trying to motivate others to live for The Lord in all things, seeing Him as the example as how we do it.