An Open Letter!

Dear Hater Without A Reason:
I’ve heard that you don’t like me and never did. I also understand that you spend a great deal of time trying to persuade others to hate me as well. That’s not a problem for me, but I’d like to know how you can have such feelings for me, when you don’t even know me.

What did I ever do to you? What did I ever say to you that stirred such hatred?
Is your distaste of me because I have a brain and use it to amass knowledge and to create wonders with words?
Is your distaste of me because I am health conscious and care about how I look and feel?
Is your distaste of me because I’m not impressed with you?
Is your distaste of me because I am not dependent upon your limited knowledge?
Is your distaste of me because I know who I am in Christ and you’re still trying to figure it out?
Is your distaste of me because I remind you that you are not me?
Is your distaste of me because nothing you ever do will change who I am or what I’m capable of doing?
Is your distaste of me because I know how to love, unconditionally, even those who hate me and you don’t?

I am who I am because God determined it and I am living it, to His glory.

Are you living life to His glory? If that’s true, you don’t have room in your life to hold onto hatred towards me when I’ve done nothing to you or said anything about you or to you to warrant such strong emotion. If not true, then perhaps, you may need to reexamine your life and understand your own shortcomings before trying to lay them on someone else and ask God to help you overcome them.

The Object Of Your Distaste


Incomparable Woman!

“Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.” (Proverbs 3:13-15 NIV).

For those who repeatedly say and believe that God doesn’t use women–think again! Apparently, His perception of a woman is even greater than those who have written poetry and songs and even love letters that attempt to describe her worth. How do I know? God refers to wisdom as a woman. Now, look at that!

Blessed are those who find wisdom, for she is…

More profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. This is why when we lack wisdom, we should God for more of His. Operating in His wisdom is the catalyst for obtaining all the riches we could ever want.

More precious that rubies–better to amass wisdom than precious stones–for the stones are temporary and can turn to dust; while wisdom enlightens, showing us the way, never ending.

Nothing a man could desire can compare with her–with wisdom, and operating in it–he has no need to desire anything else.

Now, if we understand God’s purpose in comparing wisdom to a woman, we will understand what God means when He says, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing.” God is not calling a woman or wife a thing, but maintaining the comparison of her to wisdom and saying–it is more profitable to have a good woman in a man’s life–she doesn’t have to drip silver and gold, she is better than silver and gold. In fact, if she was clothed in precious stones, they would never outshine her natural beauty ignited by the wisdom from deep within her soul. This is an incomparable woman–created by God to be all He desires her to be!

How many incomparable women do you know? Are you one of them? Some days, I forget just how precious I am to God when I allow the pressures of the day to weigh me down, but then I am reminded of His Word and I know, I am more precious to Him than silver and gold and all the precious stones combined. I am that incomparable woman, when I operate in His Wisdom!

Enjoying The Lord this morning and reveling in being a woman–from beginning to end!