Keep Hope Alive!

“But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.” (Romans 8:25 NIV)

We do not need to have faith for what we already have and can see and since we already have it, we need not have hope for it. It is the things for which we do not yet see, but believe we have that sustains our hope and with patience, we wait until it comes to pass.

Our hope is in Jesus’ Return and in being caught up with Him to reign with Him forever. Keep that hope alive, it will occur!

Some are hoping to be cancer free. We must do all we can to live right and healthy, seeking treatment and have faith that treatments will work and with patience, we wait–keeping hope alive.

Some are hoping for financial blessings. We must hone the gifts and skills He has given us and have faith that whatever we put our hands to doing, will prosper, with patience, waiting to see it, keeping hope alive.

Some are hoping to see loved ones saved. We must live the life in front of them, igniting in them a desire to have what we have and with patience, drawing them closer to Jesus, keeping hope alive.

Some are hoping for peace in the land. We must be willing to receive the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, exercise having peace in our homes that overflows into our community and saturates our nations. And with patience, we keep hope alive, spreading the love of Jesus every where we go.

For The Word has said, “In your patience, possess ye your souls” (Luke 21:19 KJV). We must have patience as we live this life, maintaining our faith in God’s Word and the hope we have in Him, to do all He said He would do.

Now, while we wait, patiently to see those things we hope for come about, we focus on doing the work He has put into our hearts and when we focus on doing what He desires us to do, He works out everything we hope for and when we least expect it–we have all we have hoped for in Him! Be patient–knowing He’s got this and keep hope in Him alive!


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