The Perfect Way!

“You, LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. As for God, his way is perfect: The LORD’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him.” (Psalm 18:28,30 NIV)

In order to be perfect–flawless–there has to be no room for options or choice. Since we always have options, we can never attain perfection. Years ago, while I was praying, the Lord revealed to me that we achieve perfection when we are either dead or in a coma–not having the ability to choose anything.

There are no perfect people walking in the earth, but there is our perfect God–reigning in heaven–One who is flawless and incapable of error. His name is Jesus Christ, Our Lord! Since He is perfect–all of His ways are perfect and when we do things His way–we get closer to perfection–in living a life, pleasing to Him.

How do I know? I’ve tried living life on my own terms–doing everything my way–and sometimes in opposition to His way. The end result–havoc! And since I know what life is like without Him guiding me, I am so grateful for His being in my life now. My BC time, was filled with doubts and fears, one mistake after the other, one mess after the other that had to be cleaned up, but never cleared out. Now, in my AC time, I seek Him first and sometimes, even when I don’t do exactly as He tells me to do, I know I can come back to Him, for another chance to get it right.

Living life our own way will sometimes eliminate the possibility of a second chance. With God, He gives us chance after chance, never leaving us alone or abandoned simply because we missed the mark.

We have a lot to learn from Him about how to treat people. We should never be so overbearing and arrogant in thinking we’re perfect that we expect perfection in others. NONE OF US ARE PERFECT! NONE OF US ARE FLAWLESS! WE ARE ALL IMPERFECT, FLAWED HUMAN BEINGS! The difference between those of us who have Jesus in our lives and those who don’t is simply that--He is in our lives, guiding us when we listen, loving us at all times, forgiving us for our waywardness, and continually–every morning–showering us with new mercy.

If we did things His way–then our ways would indeed be perfect. All we can do is try, for the perfect way–in living and knowing how to treat others.


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Way!

  1. For so many years I strived to be perfect, thinking that once I attained it, THEN God would be able to use me for his purpose.

    Happiness, peace, and joy engulfed me when I realized that Jesus loves me as is, and works through me where I am. At the same time the Holy Spirit is refining, teaching and guiding me to be closer to the Lord. Praise God:-)

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