It’s Not About Words!

“Keep reminding God’s people of these things. Warn them before God against quarreling about words; it is of no value, and only ruins those who listen.” (2 Timothy 2:14 NIV)

Of what should we remind people?

Those who have died (killed fleshly desires to sin) with Him, will live with Him.

Those who are faithful to Him, will see His faithfulness towards them.

Those who acknowledge Him on earth to others, will be acknowledged by The Father.

Those who deny Him, will be denied access to The Father.

Those who promote God’s Word and not their own, will receive their just reward.

Notice, in verse nine that Paul reminds Timothy that God’s Word (singular, not plural) is not chained. Those who have been taught The Word should teach The Word, but they should not get into pointless arguments about The Word. For we sometimes think our much speaking gives us credibility when it does not.

I’ve heard people attempt to show how well-versed they are in the Word, by reducing their rhetoric to rhymed words in a sermon that does nothing to edify God, but is intended to impress others with their ability. I stopped listening and opened The Word and read it. Was that rude? It’s a matter of opinion. I will not tolerate anyone who attempts to use The Word and God’s people to make themselves appear to be more than they are, when they are not.

If we simply say what God says, we avoid counterproductive discussion which leads to arguments. I will not argue with anyone about anything. It’s a waste of my time and my time is far too valuable to indulge in fruitless rhetoric.

I’d rather spend my time praying; for the need of the world is great, far greater than my need to be right over someone else’s need to be right.

Today, I encourage everyone to take the time to pray and if possible, include your prayer requests in the comment section of today’s blog. I am praying for every specific need brought to my attention.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask You to hear and honor all the requests of Your people that honor who You are and address the needs of individuals other than self. We know that You hear and answer prayer and will also give us the desires of our heart when what we do, pleases You.

For those who need strength to continue caring for loved ones and comforting others who are grieving the loss of loved ones, empower them with Your strength and Your wisdom.

For those who have financial lack, pour into them wisdom in managing their money and grant them opportunity to participate in the abundant provision who have in store for them.

For those who are suffering illness, let the same healing virtue that flowed from Jesus to the woman with the issue of blood, flow into the bodies of all who need healing of every sickness and disease and then Lord, when healing is completed, give them wisdom to stay in good health and a powerful testimony to share with others.

For those who are struggling with addictions of any kind–that keeps their focus off You, bring them to quickly to the end of themselves–empty and totally void of desire for anything other than You. Fill them to overflowing with Your love and acceptance of their repentance.

For those who are in marriages ordained by You, but struggling, speak to their hearts Lord, and open their eyes to see if they are doing all they can–being considerate and mindful of each other in all things that honor You.

For those children who are rebellious and disobedient, strengthen parents in their resolve to be Godly parents and guide them in correcting and disciplining their children. Speak to the hearts of the children and allow them to see You in all their parents are trying to instill in them.

For those who are homeless, provide them shelter and wisdom in maintaining protection from the elements and a desire to be more like You.

According to Your Word and Your Will, we thank You for responding to all the needs and requests included in this prayer and we count it done, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Remember this, it’s not the words that matter, but The Word that reveals all truth!