His Foolishness Is Greater!

“For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.” (I Corinthians 1:25 NIV)

Whenever I hear people say certain things, I’m reminded that there are many who don’t believe in God, deny His existence, but always have something to say about Him. Now why is that?

Why would anyone spend their time in endless pursuits trying to prove He doesn’t exist? If He doesn’t exist, what is there to refute? It’s like those who don’t believe in ghosts–yet they’re fearful of them. Why fear something you don’t believe in?

The real issue for me is that when people cannot see something or someone, they choose to ignore or refute the existence of that something or someone. Seeing is not always a good foundation for believing.

Our faith in God is not based upon what we are able to see, but what He is able to accomplish through mere mortals who receive His wisdom. Those mere mortals are the ones who are foolish enough to believe God and because they believe He is, they receive all He has to give.

The foolish are not so wise since they believe that all they know or have is based upon their own abilities. And because they believe in themselves more than the greatness of God, they disavow any knowledge of God in their limited understanding of how He works.

For those of us who Believe without doubting, acknowledge we need His strength and wisdom, we receive and what we receive is foolishness to those who do not understand.

We have God’s Word that many will dispute and say His Word is nothing more than the ramblings of ignorant and illiterate scribes who didn’t know much. They may not have known much, but we are still reading and holding onto the Word they wrote out of obedience. Now, how foolish of us is that?

We believe in the virgin birth and many would tell us (based on their limited human wisdom) that it was not possible. Really? The same men who deny the virgin birth are yet unable to explain our existence and we should believe them, why? Since the One who created all things created us, it is no big thing for Him to bring Himself into the world through a virgin. It is He who created the body and all things that function within the body so He can do whatever He chooses to do and do it well.

We believe in miracles and those miracles are still revealed today. We see miraculous events that only God could direct and science and scientists are left scratching their heads.

We believe in the work of the cross–that foolishness that we preach, bringing us into position to be saved and have eternal life. The Stone was rolled away and revealed to all the world that Jesus is alive and well!

Of course that is foolishness for those who don’t know Him, but since I know Him, I know I’d rather have access to His unlimited wisdom and strength than man’s finite wisdom any day.

Every Word of His  is true and never changes; every word of man–his laws and policies are fickle and ever-changing to pacify the dictates of the moment. I’d rather have Jesus, than silver and gold and be thought foolish than given any credit for operating in my own wisdom, of which I have none. Everything I know, I know because of Him and everything I do is to glorify Him. If that’s foolish, then so be it. I Am a Fool For Christ!


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