Fellowship With Light Every Day!

“If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” (I John 1::6,7 NIV)

Walking in darkness–directed by the “dark one” who influences all evil, under the cover of darkness or hidden agendas, means we cannot be in fellowship with God.

When our relationship with God is right–we have fellowship with Him, live to please Him and not self, and receive the bountiful blessings He has for us. If we are walking with Him (abiding by His Word at all times), we will not want to sin because He is with us and everything we do, is done in broad daylight (in full view of all) because we have no reason to be fearful or ashamed.

Picture this, if you will. We get out of bed and He is right there by our sides. Whatever we do, He is with us–through all the morning rituals (whatever they may be), breakfast, commute to work or sitting right next to us as we enjoy the view of a glorious morning with our first cup of coffee.

Us: Good morning, Lord! Thank You for waking us this morning! It’s going to be a good day.

God: Yes, my child it is going to be a good day for every day with me is good.

Us: I am so thankful that I am Your child. Thank You for loving me in spite of me.

God: My child, I want You to know that I am right next to You at all times. I know your thoughts and I know when you’re going to ignore me. Sometimes, the only way a person can learn to live right is by making mistakes. When you mess up–I see the repentant heart and forgive when you ask me. I love you and that’s what good parents do.

Us: We love you, even when we sometimes go astray, but Your mercies, new every morning, help to keep us going in the right direction.  You are so awesome!

God: What would you like from me today? When you please me, I give you whatever you want.

Us: Lord, point out everyone that needs an encouraging word, everywhere we go. Give us the courage to speak Your truth, not ours so the land can live in peace.

God: When you pass by those on your way, smile and tell them I love them and everything is going to be all right, when they seek me first.

Us: Really? That’s all we need to do to have what we want?

God: That’s it. As long as you remember I’m right here, seeing what you see, feeling what you feel and your desire is to please me, you can ask for anything and I’ll give it.

Us: Lord, if we’ve found favor in Your sight, speak to hearts and heal the land of all hatred and violence.

God: Is that your request of me?

Us: Yes, Lord.

God: Then as we walk throughout this day, people will see you and know that are mine and I am yours and by what you do, they’ll believe in me, accept my love and the hatred will cease.

Us: Thank You, Lord! Are Your ready to go?

God: I am always ready to go where ever you go.

Did we get it? He’s always there, right beside us, in the midst of everything we do. He sees, He knows, and He blesses our efforts to live right before Him. As long as we remember He is right beside us, we cannot go wrong–especially if we want to stay in fellowship with Him.

Can we do it? Can we walk in the light as He is the Light? Can we shake off the dark thoughts and cease to walk in darkness? There is no fellowship with God in darkness because Light dispels the darkness and all is exposed in the Light.

Lord, Thank You for leading us along the path You have prepared for us and for being with us throughout the journey, keeping us safe, protected from all harm. Give us a nudge any time we want to stray from the path, reminding us that You are right there with us.