Wisdom Speaks!

“I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.” (Proverbs 8:17 NIV)

Wisdom speaking to those who hear,

For those who want knowledge to create

For those who understand their fate

Wisdom speaks to those who hear.

Wisdom loves those who love her,

For those who want to know even more,

For those who stand at destiny’s door,

Wisdom loves those who love her.

Wisdom is found by those who seek,

For those who rise early, ready to learn,

For those whose passion for knowledge churns,

Wisdom is found by those who seek.

Wisdom is the principal thing by which we know,

With certainty all our self-proclaimed knowledge is vain,

Without seeking wisdom from above, nothing we gain,

Is worthwhile or even discussing wherever we go,

For without wisdom there is no rhyme or reason

To explain all that God has done and will do

On behalf of all who seek Wisdom while she can be found.

And with the Wisdom showered upon us from above,

We need understanding to drive the point home,

No, not one of us really knows much about anything,

Unless we operate with wisdom, tempered with love.

Then, Wisdom like a gentle rain, on a summer’s day,

Fuels our imaginations to explore creative means

To make this journey on earth worth the stay,

Teaching and seeking more wisdom as His Return is delayed,

Giving us time to get things right in His sight, with Wisdom

Leading the way for all who seek and love her.


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