This Unseen God is The Only One Worthy of Praise!

“For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.” (Psalms 48:14 NIV)

Throughout the history of mankind, because we were created with a spirit of worship within, man has found something to worship–something they could attribute events they did not understand. This desire to worship was really the basis of the downfall of many civilizations and why God made it clear that He would not tolerate His people–His chosen, worshipping false gods who had no power.

We have to understand that myths are created out of the minds of people who witness events, but cannot explain why they happen. For the most part, it is this desperation to explain things that many do not understand the God of Heaven who created all things and so they insist that He is a myth, powerless, like the other pagan gods and goddesses.

Throughout the Bible–a summarized record of some historical events–we see the reference to pagan gods and goddesses. Asherah, Astarte, and Ashtaroth are three of the chief goddesses mentioned in the bible and many a statue or image was made of them for people to worship. El (chief high god) and Baal were the chief pagan gods. And then there was Diana–who was worshipped by those in Ephesus. A study of the gods and the “powers” attributed to them is interesting, but what is even more interesting is the fact that all of these “gods and goddesses” had stone or metal images made by the hands of man and people then worshipped the works of their hands.

In the 21st Century, with all of the knowledge we have access to and all the technological advances made in creating “things,” we are still worshipping the works of our hands more than the Creator who made all things and without Him, nothing–including us–was ever made.

But in this Psalm, the sons of Korah understood that in spite of the many gods that people worshipped and no matter what powers they attributed to them, they were no match for “This God.” The Lord God Almighty, Jehovah Jireh, El Shaddai, no matter what name we call Him, He is still God and without Him, nothing would ever be. And they knew and understood, “this God” and His power could not be contained in an object and therefore, there was no need to create pillars, temples, idols of any kind in order to worship Him–they understood that there was a power greater than anything they could imagine that keeps the water flowing, the sun shining, the earth rotating and by His Spirit–they saw miracles and won battles because others feared and revered –“the unseen God.”

This unseen God led armies into battle and the weaker armies won. This God, promised to never leave us and is always by our side. This God, by His spirit, communicates with us and leads us out of danger and loves us–in spite of us. This God–our great and awesome God, will always guide us–to the ends of our lives when we are willing to listen to Him and obey. This God holds the power of life and death and is watching over the universe and never misses anything that happens. He sees and hears all. What a mighty God we serve. He and He alone is worthy of our praise and with all of the things we could make–nothing will ever hold the power He has in His little finger–and therefore, we should not worship anything we create with our hands or machines or anything else, but in the spirit.

Hallelujah to our Awesome God!