Hear Our Prayers, O Lord!

“I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.” (Psalm 17:6 NIV)


We come before You this day,

Seeking Your Wisdom in all we say,

Knowing that You and You alone,

Have the solution to every problem.

Help us O God, to see You in all we do.

Help us to stay on the path You set us upon.

Help us to hear You when You speak.

Help us to understand why we need You in our lives.

Help us to see the need of others and address it.

Help us to keep Your Word as the focus of our living,

And keep our hearts far from the influence of the enemy.

Create in us O God a desire to know You more,

Wanting nothing more than to live a life pleasing to You.

We know Your eyes are in every place,

Seeing the good and the evil.

We know You are not a man that You should lie,

And that You are God and You never change.

Lord, touch bodies and heal and make them whole,

From the crowns of the heads to the soles of the feet,

Every joint and muscle free from pain,

Blood flowing smoothly in every artery and vein,

Pure without infection or disease, every bacteria that is bad,

Reduced to nothing and can harm no one.

Lord, touch our minds with renewed energy and life,

And a willingness to think about all You’ve taught,

So we can what is right before all mankind.

Lord, renew our spirits with a fresh infilling of Yours,

And help us to stay re-charged, energized, ready to spread,

The love You have for us and the glorious Gospel message.

Lord, give us the courage we need to be as bold as a lion,

When confronted with the enemy, and yet as gentle as a lamb,

When teaching and correcting others in all things, You.

Lord, touch our minds and remove everything that keeps us

From hearing and obeying You, all the days of our lives.

Lord, protect those in the military and provide for their families,

Instill in them, new hope and faith in You for the care of their loved ones.

Lord, speak to the hearts of every politician and elected official, guide

Them in all things and remind them to make wise decisions for all people.

Lord, wipe out hatred and bigotry in the hearts of all who hate

And fill them to overflowing with Your love, so none are deceived by Satan,

Who hates–You and all You created.

Lord, in the midst of the storms and trials of life,

Help us stand–firmly, immoveable on Your Word, never swayed,

Never doubting Your intent for mankind and all You have said.

Grant us victory in daylight hours in all we do and peace–

Your peace that surpasses all understanding as we sleep,

Resting, waiting for the light of a new day, ready to enjoy You and

All You do for those who love You in obedience to Your Word.

We thank You for hearing and answering our prayers and

We praise You for there is none like You in all the earth,

You are the only wise God–awesome in all your ways.

All this we ask and receive in Jesus’ name.