Worldly Wisdom is The World’s Way; Grace is God’s Gift!

“Now this is our boast: Our conscience testifies that we have conducted ourselves in the world, and especially in our relations with you, with integrity and godly sincerity. We have done so, relying not on worldly wisdom but on God’s grace.” (2 Corinthians 1:12 NIV)

One of the problems we have in our society with boasting–being puffed up with pride–is that we tend to think more highly of ourselves than we ought. We boast of our accomplishments as if we do everything on our own, never giving credit to the One who gives us the wisdom and the grace to accomplish–anything.

But there are some who when they are in the spotlight for winning an award who give thanks to God--I believe with the greatest hypocrisy–since God would not inspire them to sing songs with filthy, inflammatory lyrics, influence them to behave in unseemly conduct in movies and television, or in writing books that are total filth.

Then there are the few–who have accomplished much–who have no problem acknowledging God as the driving force behind their achievements.

I believe when we acknowledge our inability to think of doing anything worthwhile in and of ourselves and admit that it was the grace of God who kept us going–headed for the prize then we will have good success. Worldly wisdom–thinking about how we can impress the world or seeking the world’s way of doing things doesn’t amount to much to brag about. One of the reasons people claim they don’t believe in God is because of science.  Well, I believe in science, too, but God created the world before we had use of the term, science. It is His wisdom and grace that has given mankind insight to understanding anything they understand about how He created things. And yet, with all that scientists (those who study and analyze to explain) have accomplished, they have yet to accomplish–recreating anything from absolutely nothing. Everything man has “invented” was because of the things–God had already created.

So, if we’re going to brag about our accomplishments, let’s give the credit to God who gives wisdom to all when we seek Him for it.

At the age of 46, I completed a Bachelor’s degree; at 50 I went back to school to get teacher-certification, at 52 I completed my Master’s degree and kept going until at 58, I had completed the coursework for my Doctorates degree. I have written over 25 books, published a gospel quarterly, written several plays, conducted a community choir, served as a volunteer chaplain in prison ministry for over 5 years, as well as in VA hospital, and have been promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 30 years–because of Him and who He is in my life. Hallelujah! I am still going strong because of Him and everything I do, is to bring honor and glory to Him! He has blessed my coming and going and I know He will continue to do so as long as I focus on the things He has called me to do.

My boast is in The Lord and the grace He gives for me to accomplish all He has planned for me to do. Worldly wisdom–considering my age–would have kept me from doing anything, but God’s grace was sufficient and carried me through, reminding me that age is merely a number used by man to measure our time on earth. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me and gives me His wisdom to succeed. And the best thing is–He is not a respecter of persons; what He’s done for me, He’ll do for anyone who Believes and obeys Him.