Salvation–The Role of Heart and Mouth!

“If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.” (Romans 8:9,10 NIV)

Non-Believer Alert!

For those who have been trying to ridicule and belittle those of us who Believe God, I would remind them that belief in God and acceptance of the work on the cross is a matter for the heart and mouth–not the head. For with our mouths we confess our belief and acceptance and with our hearts we accept, by faith, all that God does. The reason our heart is engaged is so our minds will receive and accept the Good News.

There is much conflict and confusion over “head-knowledge” and “heart-knowledge” for the non-believer as well as the Believer. In many cases, because a Believer has not fully developed their heart knowledge and allowed the wisdom of God to engage their head knowledge, they wither and fall under the volley of questions used by those who intend to confuse. They believe that head-knowledge, achieved by their own effort is all they need.

For the mature Believer, we know that our minds, trying to conceive of loving God who loves us in spite of us and died for us so we might one day live and reign with Him is nothing short of incredible. So, instead of trying to beat our brains into understanding, we submit to God and allow Him to speak our spirits “our hearts” so our minds can receive and accept the knowledge of Him who loves us.

For those who only believe in the rational and the logical–ability to prove something, there is no way they will ever accept knowledge they did not create or manufacture from what they know. And no matter how many times they attempt to refute God’s presence by claiming we cannot prove His existence, they cannot prove He does not exist–though they have tried.

Here’s my proof of God’s existence: I’m here, able to enjoy the sun, sky, moon, stars, the oceans, and with the assistance of equipment that man invented from what God created, know that I am currently living on a planet, earth as it is called by man.

Now, I do not wish to negate the importance of science and what it has accomplished, but when has man created from nothing, anything? I applaud every scientist who has managed to receive God’s wisdom in understanding how to analyze and explain those things that God created and how they work. And when man creates “man and woman” as uniquely wonderful as God has–from nothing--then I’ll applaud science louder than God, but we know–with our heads and our hearts, that will never happen.

Salvation–a matter of confessing that Jesus (God in the flesh) is Lord, accepting the work on the cross by faith engendered in our hearts is the only way we’ll see Him again and live for eternity in heaven.

I know many will say we have to do more than confess and believe, but I challenge that with this thought, why would anyone say they believe something if they’re not going to adhere to what their heart speaks to them? For when our confession is made, we put ourselves in position to hear God when He speaks and if we indeed are allowing Him to be Lord of our lives, we will hear Him and obey. Giving Him Lordship over our lives, means we no longer live to please us, but Him. If we are living to please Him, we will not sin against Him or others. Simple–but the enemy makes it confusing to keep us from receiving all that God has.

No rules–just confession and belief–and then hearing and obeying. Once we hear Him speak to our hearts for ourselves, it’s difficult not to know and understand the love He has for us and we repent of everything we have ever done, that was not of Him. If you haven’t tried Him yet–give Him a chance and watch and see how your life will change for the better.


2 thoughts on “Salvation–The Role of Heart and Mouth!

  1. “but I challenge that with this thought, why would anyone say they believe something if they’re not going to adhere to what their heart speaks to them? For when our confession is made, we put ourselves in position to hear God when He speaks”

    I must tell U that I have seen many teens go to Snow Camp at WOL, and make that “sinners prayer”…without a change in their heart… This would be the 2nd seed planted in rocky soil… They go back to HS and tell their friends that they are “born again”; and when they are shunned by their friends, they say this just isn’t worth it, and go back to sinning along with their friends… It was only believing in their minds that they made that prayer, and they were good to go !!

    And then there is the 3rd soil… I heard the Gospel and made that prayer 30+ times in a 15 month period… I heard with my ears and my mind…

    As Jesus tells us in His parable of the soils…it is the 4th fertile soil, where those who have ears to hear, are finally effectually called by the Lord, and are graced by God with salvation…

    It is all God’s work, and God’s perfect timing… I spent 7 days writing about the scattering of the seed in the 4 soils, that can be read by anyone interested at the following link…

    Blessings in Christ, bruce

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