Don’t Let Mere Human Beings Trip You Up!

“Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ. Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you. Such a person also goes into great detail about what they have seen; they are puffed up with idle notions by their unspiritual mind. The have lost connection with the head, from whom the whole body, supported and held together by its ligaments and sinews, grows as God causes it to grow.” (Colossians 2:16-19 NIV)

Let’s see–where do we start with explanation of Paul is saying. Ah ha! He’s reiterating what Jesus said about judgment–erroneously,

When people attempt to tell others what they shouldn’t eat or judge them by what they do eat–pork and shellfish come to mind, they are attempting to hold others to “their standards” without regard to how a person is being led by God.

There are people who condemn others for having a drink of wine and then use the bible as their justification–when in reality-we can do anything–in moderation–as long as we are not operating out of alignment with God’s Word. Having a glass of wine will not send anyone to hell; however, over-indulging in alcoholic beverages and driving could end someone’s life. There is no wisdom in drinking and driving, texting and driving, or driving distracted by any means or under the influence of anything that would impair judgment while driving.

With regard to the holidays or other celebrations people observe–they are well within their right to celebrate whatever they want to celebrate–exercising the wisdom God gives and are not going to hell if they celebrate Christmas, Easter, Halloween, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. When celebrations lead to ungodly behaviors, then there is cause to question the celebration.

The continuing debate about “when the Sabbath is” is a matter of a person’s relationship with God. Since the calendar we now observe is not the calendar or record of time used over 2000 years, ago, no one has the right to judge another; especially as to when they should observe a day of worship. The Sabbath–was intended to be a day of rest–doing nothing but reflecting upon God’s goodness. It was not a day determined to attend religious observations–that is mere man’s idea of the Sabbath. To get a better understanding of the day of rest–one need only to revisit Genesis and understand how God did things.

We are reminded by Paul, that all these “aforementioned” things existed because of man’s rules before Christ. Now, those of us who are in Christ, have no need for man’s rules to guide us since we have Holy Spirit within to direct our steps in all things. At any given time, in any given situation, we have no need to anyone to counsel us about what we should or should not do–if we’re listening to Holy Spirit.

There is no need to have dress codes in churches–but many do because they feel the need to control. However, in any given situation, we should not offend others while in their presence. So, if we attend a church that expects people to “dress up,” then dress up or don’t go.

If we are in the presence of people who believe drinking alcohol is a sin–don’t drink while you’re with them. The same is true for a number of things, but don’t allow their judgment–about anything–to deter you from being obedient to God and pleasing Him. For if we seek Him about all things, hear and obey, we will always please Him, who is the Head of our lives.