Nothing Hidden From God!

“Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.” (Ecclesiates 12:1,14 NIV)

Closed doors, under the sheets, in the dark, disguised, cloaked, lies, manipulations, deceptions–nothing can keep anything hidden from God–it all comes to light, eventually.

When we do things we think no one knows about but us, we truly deceive ourselves. Those of us who know God, know He is all seeing, omnipresent, and omniscient. He sees all, He hears all, and knows all–and why not–He’s God. For those who don’t know Him, or at least won’t acknowledge His existence–it doesn’t matter–we’ll all be judged by the same standards whether we Believe or not.

Think about these things! No child has ever done anything that God didn’t know about and eventually parents discovered–even when the child thought no one would ever know. What one of the marvelous attributes about Holy Spirit is that He’ll reveal truths to all who are willing to listen so that none of us are taken unaware of the things going on around us that we may not see.

Adulterers and fornicators who think no one knows what they’re doing behind closed doors and under the sheets deceive themselves for when God allows them to be exposed, they have no defense. No hidden thing shall remain hidden–God will bring it all to light.

For the politicians who make shady deals with those who are seeking to control others and consumer goods–making sure the rich stay rich–God sees it and that, too will be judged according to God’s standards. They have forgotten that God knows the heart and He knows when the poor and needy, and vulnerable are put at a disadvantage–to keep others rich.

For those who commit crimes–cloaking their faces with hoodies and masks–God knows who they are. They cannot hide from Him and eventually, because most criminals are stupid enough to brag about what they do, they’ll be exposed and receive the appropriate consequence for their actions. Nothing is hidden with a piece of fabric or plastic from God.

For students who cheat on tests and think they’ve gotten away with something, God knows and every observant teacher or professor knows, too. I’ve always laughed to myself when I know people have cheated because they have the same answers–right or wrong–and it’s always the students who never take notes or study who try to cheat on those who do. When i grade their papers, I always comment that they’re better off using their on brains, in red ink beside the “zero” and then I let them see their paper, but I keep them for my records.

For those who engage in digital misbehavior, there is nothing hidden from God. Emails and text messages are retrieved and the misdeed exposed. Phone conversations are recorded, photos taken and publicly aired so all the world can see, what they thought was hidden. There is nothing hidden from God!

Even conversations held with some “in confidence” find their way to the surface of the subject of the conversation; especially in the heat of anger and frustration. Nothing hidden from God or others, even when we think it is.

Truth–as I stated yesterday–is very liberating. Unfortunately, many don’t like hearing truth, when it means they need to reconsider how they do things. I’d rather be found in truth than in a lie so the truth will be exposed and I never have to fear a lie being exposed. There is nothing, absolutely nothing hidden from God!