Let Someone Else Tell It!

“Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth.” (Proverbs 27:2 NIV)

If we’re going to boast about anything, it should be about our relationship with God, for it is our relationship with Him that prompts our success.

Sometimes, when we read passages of scripture, we get things twisted when we attempt to justify the world’s way of doing things and not doing them God’s way. Whenever we have success in anything, the first thing we should acknowledge is that it wasn’t because of us and the “I” we use to brag should be “He” since it is all about Him.

I am so thankful for Holy Spirit inspiration in the books I’ve written that He always gets the credit. Some call this foolish, but I know from where the ideas came and how they came together. It is not because of anything I know–for most of which I write about–I didn’t know–until He revealed it. Then there are those who call my reluctance to boast about self–false humility or false pride. There is nothing false about my giving God glory over all He does in my life. I know there are some who think everything they accomplish is because of them and not Him. If that’s the way they want to think–that’s on them. I choose to give God glory because I know, He’ll keep speaking to my heart, inspiring other works for people to enjoy.

But what’s more important is that others boast or brag about what we’ve accomplished, and not us. There is nothing sadder than listening to someone constantly talking about what “they’ve done.” Even with my classes, I stopped discussing my achievements as part of my introduction of who I am and decided to have my students discover who I am and what I’ve accomplished. Then, they write a paragraph summarizing what they discover. When we hold discussions about their discovery, it sounds so much better to hear it from them, than it would have from me.

I have found that to be true–at least for me–for other people as well. I can better appreciate a person’s accomplishments when someone else is telling it. When they tell it–even though most think there’s nothing wrong with their bragging–it sounds like a person who is needy of attention. When someone else tells it–it sounds like real appreciation and admiration for what has been accomplished.

Now, when we give God the praise for what He’s doing in our lives–I don’t necessarily see that as bragging on us, but rather Him. I know some will disagree, but I’ve reached a stage in my life where I know, I’m not needy for attention. If someone remarks on my achievements great, if not great. God knows and He’s the only one who can lift me beyond my own ability and let me shine in His glory!

So, before we get so high-minded in seeking the admiration of others that we tell it all–let’s allow someone else to tell it–how good and wonderful is our awesome God that He opens doors no man can shut and shuts doors, no man can open. Hallelujah, Jesus!


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