Consider This!

“Wisdom, like an inheritance, is a good thing and benefits those who see the sun. Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves those who have it. Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what He has made crooked? When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider this: God has made the one as well as the other, therefore, no one discover anything about their future.” (Ecclesiastes 7:11-14 NIV)

For if we function with the wisdom of God leading everything we do, we shall see all the good things that He has in store for us, but if we have not His wisdom, and simply rely upon the knowledge we obtain, we are subject to erring along the way.

God’s wisdom is certainly greater than any mere mortal’s imagination and if we ever get to a place where we truly understand this, the world will be in a better place. Yes, we learn things from trial and error, reading books written by mortals, exploring and discovering, but think about how much we could accomplish if we sought God–before we did anything–and allowed Him to lead us.

One of the most amazing things we see today is the “discovery” by some–who believe they were born in the wrong bodies. With this discovery after living as God intended them to live, they now want to change what God has done. “Who can straighten what God has made crooked?” People can try to change the externals of their existence, but the intrinsic, nature of God poured into each being, will never change. When we “think” we know better than God, we have succumbed to the enemy’s influence and it was because he thought he was greater than God that he was thrown out of heaven. How can the creation ever become greater than the Creator? 

When we acknowledge our positional relationship with God, we obtain the benefits and advantages, but we also know that when it rains on one side of the street, it will also rain on the other–unless a person lives in Houston (I’ve watched it rain on one side of the street and not the other–fascinating). The point here is when the good times roll–economically and spiritually–for all the saints–it rolls for the sinners as well and when the bad times come–especially for those who were not wise enough to know–they would come–the sinners and saints have to deal with the consequences.

Economic downturns affect everyone–the good and bad alike. Nature’s storms affect all–good and bad alike. Even if the affect is not a direct hit–the impact of radiating disaster affects all–and we all see the increase in food cost, fuel cost, energy cost and insurance rates–whether we live in an affected area or not. The effect of legalized sin affects all–from the change in marijuana laws to same-sex marriages and we see it on a daily basis. Because no wisdom was exercised before legalizing sins–we will now see the unfolding and revealing of the true nature of the beast and then–when the final effects are felt by all (the domino effect)–we’ll understand that without God’s Wisdom reigning over all we do–disaster is sure to follow.

Now, consider these things: seek God, and move in His wisdom! Will we be wise or will we be foolish? The choice is entirely ours to make.