Twelve Days of Kindness!

Blessed be the LORD,
For He has shown me His marvelous kindness in a strong city! Psalm 31:21 NKJV

For the next twelve days, I’m departing from my usual commentary upon scripture, but I’m using them to encourage all to think of acts of kindness that we can perform each and every day until we reach the day of celebrating the greatness kindness shown to us–the gift of Jesus Christ.

For today, look deep into your heart and hear Holy Spirit speaking as He directs you to perform–just one act of kindness today.

An act of kindness cannot be measured by the amount of dollars spent, but in the sincerity and consideration of the act itself and how it will benefit the receiver. Remember–the greatest gift we could ever receive had a price tag we could not afford to pay–God’s sacrifice so we may have eternal life.

For some people–a smile and a hug are all they require. A phone call just to say, “I love you” or “I was thinking about you” will make someone’s day just a little bit brighter.

Will you consider participating in this twelve days of kindness?

Great! Each day, we’ll add one more act of kindness until we reach Christmas Day when we will  perform 12 acts of kindness as a gift in celebration of our Lord and Savior’s birth.

I’m keeping a journal, not for the sake of getting recognition, but so I’ll remember who the recipient of my act of kindness is. I’m seeking new people daily and not just family or those I know. For if we only show kindness to those we know, is it really by direction of Holy Spirit? We should show kindness to family and friends on a regular basis, but there are so many people who have not family or friends who need to receive our gift.

Check in tomorrow for a new verse of scripture to keep us encouraged to making this Christmas the best for a lot of people!