Overcoming Evil With Good!

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21 NIV

For every unkind word spoken

For every deed that’s an evil token,

For every thought opposed to good,

Let love abide and reign as Jesus would.

We do not have to respond to others as they do to us because the love of Christ reigns within our hearts and we have been given (by Holy Spirit), the gift of discernment so we might know what is the influence behind what people say and do. When Believers understand that the enemy will always influence those whose minds are weak and not focused on the things of God, we will withstand the attacks by showering others with love.

Showering others with love does not mean we become doormats and allow people to deliberately misuse and abuse us. It means that we know when to step back and love from afar–if we need to do so–praying for all who are living in misery and allowing the enemy to use them.

However, sometimes those who are most miserable and have allowed the enemy to cloud their minds with doubt uncertainty, seldom understand that a word of advice or correction is not an attack against them, but an act of love to support and encourage them. When correction is not accepted–for whatever reason–it is time to step back and pray–leave them to their own devices until we see the enemy no longer leading them. And while we wait, we continue doing good–doing what Jesus would do in every situation.

One of the amazing things that I’ve encountered with people who say they know Jesus is they seldom remember that Jesus corrected those who were wrong as well as loved. People remember He said, “love” but they forget–if they ever knew–that we are also to correct others when we know they are headed in the wrong direction. We have a right to seek justice for any injustice we see–correcting every wrong–no matter who is wrong. The perfect example for Jesus doing this is when He overturned the tables in the temple–outraged at the mockery of charging people money to buy elements for sacrificial acts.

Although we do not have the power, on an individual basis, to stop all the evil in the world, we can–collectively–keep doing good and praying that those who commit evil will come into the knowledge of Truth and find their way to Him. We shall overcome!