How To Live Without Fear!

But all who listen to me will live in peace,
untroubled by fear of harm.” Proverbs 1:33 NIV

Remember when, as children, we didn’t necessarily listen to all the lectures of our parents? We heard, but didn’t hear and usually sat waiting, wanting them to hurry up and finish. Now, why did we have to hear the lecture?

When at first we don’t obey,trouble will get in our way, then those voices loud and clear, will repeat what they have to say.

Has anything changed? When we got into trouble as kids, we dreaded what was coming next and if we heard our parents call us by our full names, we knew we were in trouble. Have we heard God calling us by our names–trying to get our attention? From the looks of the condition of this world, we should have.

I would have to conclude that the world’s condition is what it is because those of us who know to do right, haven’t been listening for His voice–to guide us. This is why many people are living in fear from one moment to the next. We’re fearful of the terrorists; we’re fearful of our neighbors; we’re fearful for our freedom as Americans; we’re fearful for our safety in the streets, but no one seems to reverence God’s Word–careful to do as He says–fearful of the final consequences.

The Word reminds us that, “perfect love casts out fear.” So where there is fear, love does not reign. The perfect love–love of God and keeping His commandments and love of our neighbors–never conspiring to do harm–is unconditional regardless of race, gender or faith.

We can learn to live without fear when we listen and obey God’s Word. But as long as we choose not to heed His Word, we will continue to live in fear–never knowing when the final nail is tapped–signaling the end of our lives as we know it.

We’ve lived in fear long enough. It’s time to take back our peace and not be fearful of turning the next corner–expecting harm to come upon us. Let’s love–being wise until the time we know has come when all will love. The Word also tells us to be wise as serpents, but gentle as doves. Loving others doesn’t mean we have to be foolish–expecting others to behave as we do. After all, many people have too much to unlearn–before they can really say they love. They have to unlearn hate and distrust, dishonesty and conspiracy, bigotry and injustice--but when they do–we can all live in peace, no longer fearful of what may happen next.

Ready to get our love fest started? We must listen to the voice of Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide our every move. He will direct our steps as we move out to show love on an unsuspecting society–navigating our journey without fear, ready to live in peace. God is calling us by our full names and it’s time we responded to Him!