Where Was Jesus When…?

Where Was Jesus When…?

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5 NIV

Whenever there is a problem in the world and we see tragedy after tragedy, confusion on top of confusion, the doubters and naysayers always question the faith of the Believer by asking, “Where was Jesus when…?”

It’s a legitimate question, one deserving an answer and the answer can be found in The Word, but many don’t remember to reference The Word because they don’t know how to justify using it or submitting to its authority. With my limited wisdom, submitting to the Wisdom of God, I will attempt to answer this question, but not before I ask some additional questions–to provoke thought.

Where was Jesus when a young female child was sexually molested at the age of four and began stammering, having difficulty talking and repressing the memory until she was grown? He was right there beside her, holding her through the pain and removing the memory so she could survive until she was able to handle it.

Where was Jesus when the young man who was so frustrated with life that he turned to drugs and almost died from an overdose in an abandoned house? He was right there, watching over him until help arrived, willing him to live so others would hear his testimony?

Where was Jesus in the midst of the turmoil in riots and other uproars that cost people their lives? He was right there in the midst shielding those who believed in Him so they would have time to share how they were saved.

Where was  Jesus when a pregnant woman, with no visible means of support, decided she couldn’t have a baby that she couldn’t care for sufficiently? He was right there, His heart aching with hers, holding her hand and receiving that child unto Himself.

When the prostitute conducted business in the back seat of a car, in a public bathroom, or motel room, Jesus was right there, with His heart breaking over her choices.

When the married man or woman sneaked off to be with someone else, Jesus was right there, praying on their behalf.

When the promiscuous refused to change their ways and slept with everybody they thought they wanted, man-to-man, woman-to-woman, man-woman, He was right there, praying they would turn to Him to fill the void in their lives.

There are so many instances that could be listed in which those who Believe in Jesus have never been forsaken, even if they died–He was right there because He said, He’d never leave us or forsake us. And to this–again the naysayers would respond–well, if He loved everyone why would He allow people to suffer?

God has never forced anyone to make the right choices and because people choose to do the wrong thing, He allows it and the consequences of those choices expose who Believes and who doesn’t. When children are at risk at the hands of others, it is the others who choose, not the children, but since He knows how much we can handle and who can and who can’t, sometimes He simply takes the children unto Himself so they suffer no more.

There are many who will never accept The Word as the final authority in their lives and that is their choice. When we stand before God, Jesus will be right there, advocating for some and hearing the final judgment for all.

When we Believe, Jesus is always right there--in the midst of whatever we’re going through–waiting for us to turn it all over to Him, but He won’t take the problems from us. There is no need for anyone to be depressed, oppressed, or suppressed by circumstances or situations beyond their control. Jesus is the answer to all of our problems and He’s always within our hearts–if we choose to listen and obey. Until all come into the knowledge of The Word and the authority of Jesus’ Love, many will continue to ask this question, “Where was Jesus when…?”