Why Doing Good Is Better!

LORD, do good to those who are good, to those who are upright in heart. Psalm 125:4 NIV

Who is evil and who is good?

Do all people act as they should?

Is it right or is it wrong,

To follow good or evil throngs?

In this simple communication with God, asking Him to do good to those who are good, those whose hearts are right, we see there are more benefits for being good than being evil, although it appears that evil abounds.

No matter how many people do wrong, it will never be right or good in God’s sight. So, simply following the crowd in doing evil is not going to accomplish much, other than reaping the consequences of following the crowd.

Have you noticed that the people who do good–just do good–whether there is a crowd to follow them or them going it alone? Good people–those whose hearts are right with God and they only seek to do what is right, don’t need to be crowd-pleasers or crowd followers. They do good because doing good is what’s right. And they do what is right because their goal is to please The Lord, not people.

When our ways please The Lord, He makes even our enemy our footstool. Are we concerned if our ways please God or not? If we’re not concerned about pleasing God, then we must be more concerned about appeasing the enemy and his plots. There is a reward and many benefits from pleasing God. If we delight ourselves in pleasing Him, He says, He will give us the desires of our hearts. If our hearts desire to do evil, then we are wasting our time, but for all the good we can do, we should do–as unto The Lord–and not unto men.

How do we know when we’re doing the right and good thing? When we know The Word and we live our lives aligned with The Word, we have no fear of doing what is wrong. Instead of seeking counsel from others, we seek God’s counsel and His wisdom and knowledge and know without a doubt we cannot go wrong. 

And if we don’t know The Word, then our hearts should be as a child’s–who only wants to please his/her parents. Children will inherently do good unless they have been taught to do evil. Therefore, if we never teach anyone to do evil, they won’t. If we teach them to do good, they will. If we remember that all behavior is learned–and not attributable to osmosis, we would be more careful about what we do in front of our children and others.

Let’s determine in our hearts that we will only do what is good–seeking to please God rather than man and know we’ll receive the rewards of being good rather than the consequences for being evil.