Snoozing and Losing!

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest—and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man. Proverbs 6:10,11 NIV

What happens when we sleep through life without paying attention? We lose big time!

Of course, the sleep I’m referencing is figurative–not literal. Although there are some people who literally sleep through life. The others–tend to close their eyes, not willing to see what’s happening right in front of them. And these are the people who go through life, wondering what happened and why life didn’t treat them better.

Who’s sleeping? Apparently, all those frustrated, bitter people over what life has handed them or at least what they think is the fault of life–are asleep–walking with blinders covering their eyes and it is evident in the way a buffoon is racking up delegates in the GOP race. No rationally, sane person could ever believe a non-stop, talking detonator could ever believe that Trump is a any kind of Christian and what’s worse–is that he supposedly has the support of some evangelicals. They must be sleeping.

But they’re not the only people asleep as they walk. Parents in Detroit should be outraged at what is happening to their children’s opportunity for a quality education. Governor Snyder has no love for them or the impoverished in any city–he’s the businessman who had a plan (and shipped jobs to China) and then arbitrarily ignored the signs of what an emergency manager was doing–siphoning money from an already cash-strapped school district. But it appears that’s what emergency managers do–take–from the people who need it the most and become the sacrificial lambs for greed. The teachers in the Detroit Public School deserve better than having their salaries sliced thinner than Swiss cheese and pastrami, paying more for healthcare than anyone with their jobs should ever have to pay, and being forced to adhere to an educational strategy that many have said won’t work; especially when kids are tested beyond endurance. After all that–they are subjected to punitive evaluations that are not designed to assess what they do and do well, but what they don’t do–adhere to the cookie cutter standard in presenting information to students.

It’s time for people to WAKE UP! Prop open eyes and see what’s going on around them. They need to stop listening the political rhetoric deliberately formulated and executed by the media to make Trump sound like he has any potential to win the presidency. Of course, if people (those who claim they know and love God) don’t vote according to the directions of The Word–we may have the most laughable and comedic buffoon living in the White House. Trump has already earned the disrespect of many other nations’ leaders and it is justice since he has no respect for anyone–including himself to continue to delude himself into thinking he’d make a great president. Of course, the slogan–take America Back resonates with all those bigots who have resented having a black man in the White House. We don’t need anyone to take America Back–America hasn’t gone anywhere and anyone with half a brain–understands exactly what he and others mean when they use this phrase.

Back to the parents in Detroit–most of the sleep induced fog is evidence of a lack of education for themselves. They do not understand the importance of an education and unfortunately, their drug of choice–whatever it may–keeps them in a deep sleep–unable to see through the fog of their addictions to understand their children are in danger are following in their footsteps–uneducated, and addicted to poverty.

If this blog post sounds extremely rigid and harsh–good–I’ve made my point. It’s time for people to get off their hind parts, put some cleansing drops in their eyes, and find their way to the polls–after praying and seeking direction from God. And if they don’t believe in God–they need to read the information that is so easily accessible about every candidate–if they can read. If they can’t read, there are a number of apps out there that will read the information to them. But they must do something and do it now!

Wake up America–and see with clear, unobstructed vision–the direction we’re taking with allowing Trump to think he can be president. Wake up Detroit Parents–before it’s too late and your children suffer the fate of third world countries–held in captivity to poverty because their parents refused to take action in the situation when they had a chance. Stand up and protest–understand that your children’s future is at stake and if they are held back–chained to the mistakes of your past–their lives will be worse than those of their parents.