But Jesus!

I’ve faltered at many intersections

Shaking my head, wondering why

Some seem to get all the breaks

And some–just never get any.

Continuing on this journey in life

Making wrong turns, taking bad advice,

Wondering when the nightmare will end

And I can see clearly the road that I take.

I’m no different from anyone else,

Like them, I’ve made my share of mistakes–

Some that could have cost me my life,

Some that could have ended another’s

While I foolishly rebelled, doing everything wrong,

But Jesus–came into my life–and chased away

The Blues, forgiving all my wrongs, giving me a new song,

One that I sing, when I rise,  and all through the day,

I have a Savior, Who loves me in spite of me,

And I’m grateful For His Intervention, showing me The Way!

If you’re like I once was, here’s a bit of advice,

Don’t let the enemy cheat you out of receiving God’s Best

By falling for his deceptions and listening to his lies,

God’s love for you began before you were and like me,

One day  soon You’ll be able to say, “But Jesus!”


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