Patience and Power!

Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.Proverbs 16:32 NIV

Patience–having the ability and desire to calmly wait–for a number of things does much for our maturity as Believers and in establishing a model for others.

It is through patience that we preserve our souls from the tricks of the enemy who would have us to react–spontaneously–to everything that happens rather than calmly think things through–exercising wisdom in every decision.

Patience provides us with the persistence to teach others, allowing them time to learn and grow–especially in the ways of God. We do not or should not deter others from learning of God  and doing things His way by expecting them to have attained the wisdom that took us time to attain.

We have within our reach the blueprint for living–a life of peace and prosperity and consideration for others, but we miss it when we don’t pay attention to the written Word–especially in Proverbs.

Is it because we lack the patience to explore and mediate and practice what is there? Or is it that we think we can bully our way through life–attempting to force our positions and thoughts onto others without push-back?

Unfortunately, we know that in a capitalistic society as well as others–those who hold the wealth hold the power to influence those in position to pave the roads with laws that are often unjust and vilify those who do not have spokespersons.

True power is held in the hearts of those who believe God and live according to His Word. It is with patience that we learn this infallible truth, not bullying others. The more we patiently learn of God and deliberately choose to live His way, the greater our power becomes because we develop the stamina to withstand the tricks of the enemy.

Let’s commit to developing patience through meditating upon The Word of God and allowing it to guide us in all things–illuminating its power in all we say and do.