Remember Those Who Gave Their Lives!

Remember how short my life is,
how empty and futile this human existence!

No one can live forever; all will die.
No one can escape the power of the grave. Psalm 89:47-48 NIV

The psalmist (Ethan) makes a statement that while not intended for us in the 21st century, is nevertheless applicable to all at all times, especially those who lives have been lost in wars.

Freedom–from men and bondage of ideologies–comes with a price and that price is the lives of all who dare to fight for freedom.

Today, is the day that we should remember all those who have given their lives in wars, that those of us remaining may know freedom and learn to live in peace. However, where there is no peace, there will always be strife and where there is strife, wars simmer until they explode into battles that end–with many of us missing and remembering loved ones, who did what we could not or would not do–continue the fight for freedom.

This is the time to remember those who were willing to die in wars for freedom that we might live in peace.

The Revolutionary War–freedom from the dictates of England.

The Civil War–economic liberty and trade between the states and the liberation of slaves from taskmasters who did not understand humane compassion.

World Wars I and II–assisting those on foreign shores in order to maintain the freedom of America.

Korean and Vietnam Wars–attempts to liberate others so they would not be subject to dictators who only thought about themselves.

All the Battles in the Middle East–that are yet on-going–providing an avenue for people to live their lives according to their beliefs and not the dictates of others.

Some of the wars were necessary, and some questionable, but the fact that many men and women chose to give their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy in this country, makes the day worth remembering them and inspiring us to never lose sight of what America and Americans stand for–liberty and freedom for all. Remember those who died for us to have freedom and then think about what we do with our lives–with purpose.

Let us all work to restore peace in this land and not make their deaths, futile and serving no purpose, honoring all and respecting all as God would have us to do.