Mothers and Fathers!

If you’re reading this and are as tired of the nonsense we see promoted in the media on a daily basis, then you understand why we need to address–mothers and fathers.

No matter how often we talk about family–we must understand God’s plan for family. He intended for the mothers to be mothers–to be role models for the daughters they might have and to guide their sons–not only in being a good person, but in understanding the role of a man by encouraging a right relationship with fathers.

Fathers are needed in every little girl’s life. Little girls are born with an inherent need to be loved by their fathers and when fathers are not around, that need is easily influenced by predators and the girls are drawn into situations that could cause them irreparable harm. That first love of a man should be from a father and every little girl should know–that a father molded and motivated by God is their protector–not their persecutor. A father who loves God will never molest his own daughter or the daughter of anyone else. When a father molests a child–of either sex–they are setting that child down a path that could turn disastrous--and they may never live the life God intended them to live. Fathers–O Fathers–you have failed your daughters.

Every little boy needs their father in their lives to teach them how to be men of courage and valor and honor and integrity. When boys don’t have an appropriate role model in their fathers to teach them, they go astray–angry, bitter, and frustrated, seeking vengeance and will take out their frustrations upon anyone they come across. This is why we have gangs attacking senior citizens and robbing them. This is why we have males breaking into homes and beating older residents to death. This is why we have males thinking they have a right to carjack people. This is why males think they have a right to pick up a gun and take someone’s life and expect no repercussions. Fathers–O Fathers–you have failed your sons!

Mothers–I’m not letting you off easy either. A daughter needs to understand how men should treat her and if you’re allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry into your homes and putting your children in jeopardy–your daughters may never know what a man’s love is really all about. Love–is not lust and has nothing to do with physical aspects of sexuality. Teach your daughters to respect themselves–in how they dress and how they talk–to others and to think of themselves the way God sees them--more precious than jewels. Be the role model God intended for you to be and don’t allow society to dictate to you–how to be a Godly mother. Don’t fail your daughters–the enemy seeks to destroy her and make her feel worthless and unwanted. By being a Godly example of motherhood–as God intended, you can foil the enemy’s plans for your daughter’s life.

Mothers–stop talking about absent dads–running them into the ground just because you’re frustrated about a failed relationship.  When you decide to have children, your children must be your first priority and if by chance you hooked up with the wrong man and made a baby–deal with it. Seek God’s wisdom to raise that child and to handle the disappointment of the relationship that probably never should have been. Don’t allow your sons to become so bitter about their fathers they refuse to hear them–especially when they’re telling them the right thing to do. Don’t fail your sons–the enemy already has plans for him and you’re the only one who can foil the enemy’s plans!

One final cautionary note for both–mothers and fathers.  Don’t allow the disappointments or the horrible events in your own life to flow over into the lives of your children. Seek help and get over it so your children can lead, full, productive lives–knowing they are loved, by you and God!

Let’s change this culture of inconsideration and disrespect by training our children in the ways they should go so when they are older, what they have been taught, won’t leave them.


Looking Only To The Lord!

May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you. May he strengthen your hearts so that you will be blameless and holy in the presence of our God and Father when our Lord Jesus comes with all his holy ones.I Thessalonians 3:12,13 NIV

In these trying times, while we’re trying to figure out what is going on in the minds of those who deliberately harm children and others, we can only look to The Lord for answers; especially in how we maintain our peace.

No matter how many times we hear about senseless killings, we should never reach a place, where it doesn’t bother us. It is the enemy’s ploy to desensitize us with all of the horrific events that occur–daily–so we’ll not pay attention to what is happening.

The Spirit of The Lord–who knows all things and sees all things and speaks to the hearts of those who are sensitive to hearing Him–will not allow us to ignore the ramifications of all we hear and see. The enemy is roaming the earth, igniting hatred and fueling depravity wherever he can find confused minds.

Where are the confused minds? Within all those who are incapable of rational decision-making. For all those whose minds are influenced by addictive chemicals–whether prescribed or not, whether legal or not–when brain cells are altered by chemical influence, we can expect negative events to occur. Lives are lost and those who are left behind are left wondering what happened.

The answer–in a nutshell–when we forsake The Lord by living in opposition to His Word, we invite the enemy into our lives and give him control over what we do. Then when we see the chaos and destruction caused by him, we appear dazed–shaking our heads in disbelief because we don’t understand–anything! We need Jesus! There is no peace in the land without Him reigning in our hearts.

The Word tells us that God is not the author of confusion–and any time people think they have a right to take a life for any reason–their minds are confused–a trademark of the enemy. Where there is confusionthe enemy reigns in the minds of people. Where there is chaos and destruction–the enemy reigns in the minds of people. The enemy’s role in the atmosphere is to kill, steal, and destroy; he is a master manipulator and the father of liars. Look around you and see the evidence of the Word being true!

If we want to see peace, we must look to The Lord and allow Him to reign in our hearts. Without Him, there will never be peace, only confusion. It is The Lord who can increase love in our hearts. It is The Lord who can strengthen us in our resolve to live for Him. Without Him, we can do nothing worthwhile and if we can do nothing worthwhile, while living on earth, the enemy wins!

Look to The Lord all you people in the land and know that He is God!