“Access Denied”

I’m not sure how many black Americans feel about all the uproar from those who don’t fully understand, why Black Lives Matter, or what it means to have been denied access to so much in this country that has made the, “wealth gap” between black Americans and white Americans so great. Simply put, from the time African slaves were brought to this country, we have been “denied access” to the basics that promote prosperity for the general populace.

For those who do not claim to be racist, I would like for you to take a walk-through history–via an actual book or Internet research to understand how the denial of access has kept people behind. For those who know and understand–I hope you’ll speak up to confirm what I say and I’m going to use the plural pronoun, “we” because my ancestors were part of the journey and the multitudes who were denied access.

  • We were denied access to the native language of the many tribes brought to this country. Fear of what was being said, and not understood by white slave owners, forced African tribesmen to forego their native language to learn a new one–in captivity.
  • We were denied access to learning to read or write the new forced language because the white slave owners knew, that once we learned how to read and understand the environment and how it purposefully kept people under control, we would rebel and fight for the freedoms we rightfully deserved as human beings.
  • We were denied access to protecting women and children from being molested and raped by white slave owners who “raped the women” to expand their wealth of slaves without paying for more. Many of those women were raped in front of the men they had been given to for “procreating more slaves” and the men were prohibited from doing anything to protect their women.
  • We were denied access to having our inventions patented because we were not considered “full human beings.”
  • We were denied access to raising our own children when the “master” thought it was more beneficial to separate black children from their mothers so they could benefit economically.
  • We were denied access to joining the military to fight in early wars and had to join all black regiments (check the history for yourself), there was more to the black regiments than the Tuskegee Airmen than many have no knowledge about.
  • We were denied access to buy land or houses in specific areas and had to use white allies to purchase for us and then were denied access to equality of living in peace and freedom because white neighbors didn’t want us around them.
  • We were denied access for the opportunity to go to school with white children (segregation).
  • We were denied access to use public transportation in the same way as our white counterparts.
  • We were denied access to college education and therefore established our own after a number of black people, sat in hallways, on the floor, grappling to understand what was said by white professors so they could also get a higher education.
  • We were denied access to hotels, bathrooms, theaters, and restaurants and when were given access–we were seated in out of the way places so as not to upset or offend the white clientele.
  • We were denied access to be accurately portrayed in the movies, and in television shows as a people with their own rich culture.
  • We were denied access to economic growth–bank loans, mortgages, and other businesses. When some dared to defy the status quo and established their own access to economic wealth (Black Wall Street), angry, bigoted white people burned down the town and killed many of the residents.
  • We were denied access to equal justice in all areas of our “so-called justice system. We were never given opportunity to prove innocence because were always judged guilty simply because of our skin tones.
  • We were denied access to the same amenities of our white counterparts on trains, in bus depots and on buses.
  • We were denied access to community amenities–the swimming pools, the tennis courts.
  • We were denied access to healthcare and dental care and funeral homes–we had to establish our own which were not equal to the access others had.
  • We were denied access to cemeteries–I guess dead black folks were a big threat.

So, I get why some people are up in arms with the current environment and awakening of reality–black people have a right to be angry and to protest the injustices suffered by our ancestors and what many are enduring right now–access denied–to being treated like a human being, American citizens, with justice for all.

The following is taken from a post on Facebook in response to someone bemoaning the fact that Black people wanted their own television station and colleges and universities–they did not understand why, so I responded. There was so much more, but at the time I read their post, only two things struck me to remember.

For Blinded Eyes–Historically

This morning, I woke up at 3:00 am and could not sleep, so I started scrolling through Facebook posts and ran across a post that got my attention. I cannot remember who wrote it, but perhaps, if they read through this one, they will know who are.


I do not remember all of it, but there are two things which struck me the most. You see, the post was bemoaning the fact that the author did not see the need for: BET (versus WET) or Black colleges versus white colleges. I wish I could remember more, but at 3:00 am, I guess I am doing good to remember this.


BET–the Black Entertainment Television–why? Because for years, there did not appear to be any room for black entertainers on most television networks. Most of the network productions portrayed black people as clownish or stupid, illiterate, and poor, with a few exceptions. The reason BET needed to be–because the WET (White Entertainment Television) (the author’s words, not mine) was all there was–and still does not adequately portray who black people are. But I want the author to remember think about this–exactly how long has the television industry been around and exactly how many shows accurately portrayed the black community? How long did it take for black entertainers to be taken seriously and given serious roles in the entertainment industry?


HBCU–Historical Black Colleges and Universities exist because for generations–white colleges would not allow black people entrance. The few black people who got into the hallways were left there–outside the classrooms, straining to hear what was said so they could keep up with the workload, but never accepted as part of the class. Historically, and apparently now, that attitude still exists today in some people who think black people are not good enough to get where they are.


I would ask the author and any who agreed with them to do some research and remember that the slaves were not allowed to learn to read, then they weren’t allowed into white schools, colleges, hotels, and when they were allowed into restaurants, they were seated “out of the way” of the white clientele.


If anyone is still reading this–that is a miracle, but I want to say this much. Instead of bemoaning or complaining about black people wanting equality and justice, remember what was done to us–and all the “access denied” that we endured, and yet, many of us have managed to do so much more than some white people who always had access to whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it–and we did not. My response is not meant to stir up more racial hostility, but to hopefully cause some to wake up–and understand, we are just trying to obtain what you’ve always had–“access to doing better.” Whenever I see a lack of understanding about the history of black folks in America, I will address it and I would hope that–it would open the door to conversations that matter and will make a difference to all.

I do not have a problem addressing issues when I see them, but I will take the time to respond in a coherent manner, that does not promote any further racial tension. What I will not do, is to ignore the obvious ignorance that some have displayed simply because they want to deny history, or never understood it.

access denied





5 thoughts on ““Access Denied”

  1. We white folk who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ…and who are old enough like me (72), understand how tough it was, and still is for black, hispanic, and asian Americans…

    But the “Black lives matter” movement has been taken over by radicals who want to loot, pull down statues, and hurt the police force of America…

    It is the Democratic cities across the USA that have been run by Democratic government for decades now, that are killing black children and teenagers in record breaking numbers…

    Why don’t we see these black americans talked about on the far left TV channels ??

    And why are the Democrats allowing babies to be killed by abortion, even right up to the date they are to be born ??

    These are questions I have for you, Mary…

    Blessings in Christ, bruce


  2. To say I’m surprised that you’re responding would be an understatement, Bruce. But let me make this perfectly clear. The looting and chaos you have either seen or heard about whenever the BLM group was anywhere, is NOT THE BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT, creating the chaos or looting, but the infiltrators who know how easy it is to make it look like someone else did. Look at the film clips of the news and see exactly who’s doing what.

    Why does it “appear” to be the cities governed by Democrats have the most problems? Let me throw this at you and see if you can figure it out. It has a lot to do with the “title of this blog,” the WEALTH GAP, that occurs when far too many people are denied access to jobs, education and healthcare. When people are unable to “do positive things” because they have all they need, they do stupid things–develop drug habits that lead to killing children, or lacking mental healthcare they do the unthinkable, and I could go on and on.

    The real problem I have with so-called Christians is the fact they see only what they want to see. They refuse to open their eyes and see through the lens of people who have suffered and are suffering. So, if you’re not into acknowledging the inequities in our society that are not the fault of the individuals, but are the result of systemic racism, white privilege and people who feel superior to others, then you’re really not the Christian you think you are. I am a follower of Christ–the One who loves and who gives us all free will and freedom to choose. He doesn’t make anyone do anything and He also allows us to deal with the consequences of our actions–so we really don’t need another human being telling us what to do or how to do it.

    The Jesus I know–loves, unconditionally, calls out truth and wrongdoings and stands on the side of the poor and marginalized. You appear to stand on the side of the white Evangelicals who are responsible for the monster in the WH. There are over 170K Americans dead, their lives ended because of the inept, incompetent person all you so-called Christians help to put in office. So, please spare me your pious, privileged thinking because you really don’t have a clue. Many of us now know the truth about why you helped trump get elected and it had nothing to do with Christianity, but your warped determination to control others. You’re not God and you have no right to try to control what others do. When you figure that out, let me know.

    On the other hand, my heart is still filled with love and hope that one day you and others like you, will finally acknowledge your role in the fiasco in America with a dictator-wannabe, determined to end American democracy because of Putin’s influence on what he does. Don’t you think it’s time for you to become a 3 Dimensional Thinker and stop being a 1 Dimensional thinker? You see through a linear lens without understanding that life is constantly evolving and revolving, yet you see only what you want to see.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope the next time you feel the need to do so, it will be with a readiness to admit your participation in this mess we have in Washington.


    • Mary, God knows my heart…NOT YOU !! You call Trump a monster, but he has done more for blacks, hispanics, and asians that Obama and Biden did in 8 years in total control of the White House and congress…

      How can Biden, a professed Catholic be heading the Democratic party, and still support the abortion of babies ?? He has been banned from taking communion is his church. I ask U the same question !!!!

      The Democratic party has gone too far left with their Green new deal, their ideas of paying for all college for everyone, and the other pie in the sky ideas that we cannot possibly pay for…

      Biden’s brain is shot !! How can the Democrats have a convention, and not once mention the riots, and looting, and destruction being done in democratically run cities for decades !!

      Anyway…God will put into office who He wants…regardless of my or your ideas… If it is Biden, I pray that God takes me now !!

      Blessings in Christ, bruce


      • Bruce, there are over 175,000 Americans dead, mostly black and other minorities who did not have access to health care and there are over 30 million people unemployed–trump didn’t cause the pandemic, but his delay in accepting it as a reality is the cause of the loss we now experience. Don’t know about you, but I know far too many people who have died from this virus and we need competent leadership to make decisions that impact all of us and one who will tell the truth about those issues, not lie about something as dire as a pandemic by calling it a Democratic hoax. But keep on believing the lies that are not beneficial to anyone. Children have died, grandparents have died, spouses have died, front-line workers have died and if you can still support this idiot, don’t bother to contact me ever again. That way, we don’t risk insulting or denigrating one another. Good bye!


  3. Bruce, I’m not even sure why I’m responding to your obvious lack of information. trurmp hasn’t done anything for the black community other than insult us and lie to his supporters. I can imagine the same is the true for every other minority. What you seem to ignore is–we are all American, we don’t have to look alike, pray alike or do anything else like someone else–it does not negate our Americanism.

    Your heart is revealed to me with your support of man who is a racist bigot, suffers from multiple personality disorders and does not care about America, our institutions and is certainly defending and protecting the Constitution.

    I’ve said a lot of things about trump in the past because I see him for who he is. I don’t understand your position–you’d rather not be here–if Joe Biden wins. Well, I believe God answers prayers–maybe not when we want Him to, but He does answer.

    I support Democrats because–for the most part–they are more Christian than those who profess to be–but cannot or do not show that in “love one for the other.” If there is no empathy or compassion within a person, there is no unconditional love in them for others.

    I know Republicans (True Republicans and not trumplicans) who are supporting Joe Biden because they know the man and know that he will represent and govern for ALL Americans, not just those who agree with him. The Republicans I know–understand that being pro-choice is not being pro-abortion, because they realize every woman has a right to choose what she wants to do. How many times must I remind you of this? God gives us freewill choice in all we do and He also allows us to deal with the consequences of our choices.

    If you truly believe that God is involved in politics and put trump in office, then you also have to believe that any and every president was put into office by God. The only problem with your premise is this–God doesn’t vote for anyone–never has and never will. He’s given us all wisdom and some, simply don’t exercise the wisdom He’s given. God would not support keeping children in cages, ignoring truth about a pandemic to protect an election result, having laws/policies that differ for different groups of people who are Americans simply because they’re different. I don’t know what kind of god you serve, but I want no part of that one. The God of Heaven, the one I serve, loves us all, unconditionally. What human beings do–is on them–not God and I will not perpetuate or promote that kind of lie. You folks that are perpetuating the lie that God put trump in office will have to deal with the consequences you get–here on earth and beyond because God has prepared a place for all liars.

    Go back and re-read Galatians 5:22 before telling me I don’t know your heart. If the Spirit of Love is not in a person, that person is not of God. trump has no relationship with the God of Heaven for God’s Spirit certainly does not dwell within him. For whatever is in a person is all that will come out of them. You should know that–you should live that–and you should recognize that in others.

    I have no need to fear reaching my destination when I die for I know, I have lived my life to please God, not people and I have loved unconditionally, I will lie to anyone to promote a liar, which is what you and countless other Evangelicals are doing. God will hold me responsible for what I do, just like He’ll hold you and the rest of the trumplicans accountable.


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