A Review–Frontier Preacher

Author: David Millican

This is a moving story for those who have never been introduced to Christ, but for the Believing, it might be lacking in the obvious use of scripture references that appear to be a bit awkward. I can imagine if the references were inserted as analogy they would appear more beneficial in the telling of a fictional story. However, if this was meant to be a testimony of God’s goodness, an omniscient point of view would have worked better so the reader would have some insight as to the thoughts of all involved—particularly—Minnie.

I could not find myself empathetic to Hollis at all. He seemed to be a weak-minded individual who found it difficult to trust God. I also think had he moved to Gillette after seeking God’s Wisdom, rather than as a tribute to his uncle, he may have come off as a stronger character—having made a difficult decision to be obedient. His lack of worldliness did not inspire any trust in him at all. So what happens in the end to rid the town of evil—lacks credibility. Had John and Ben been stronger characters, they may have motivated Hollis, but since that was not the case, the weaknesses of the story epitomize the weaknesses of the man.

The most believable character is Minnie and I had no doubt from the beginning what her role would be.

The Sheriff and Mayor depicted as dastardly villains works in the space they’re given, but they would be more credible if the reader had more information about them and their involvement in the prostitution ring before it’s revealed the way it is.

On the mechanics side—the story needs editing and proofreading. There were several areas in which stone—is written as story and vice-versa. The author’s grasp of grammar mechanics is good.

The writer’s style is different–at least it is not a style I’ve read. Written in limited third person point of view, I found myself working diligently to stay focused on the storyline. There were segments of the story that appeared to lack connection to some of the rest, but overall, I got the gist of it—salvation and redemption—for all sinners.

I’d give this four out of five stars for a rating on Amazon or other communities.

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About the Book

Hollis feared the loneliness would swallow him whole. He had arrived in Wyoming to fulfill his uncle’s dying wish – that he save the people of Gillette – but his education and faith had not prepared him for the bitter cold and hardened hearts of the west. A dark secret in his new home threatens to destroy his very soul. Will Hollis be strong enough to stand against the tide of evil? Can he overcome where stronger men failed, before the west claims another victim?


eBook: www.amazon.com/dp/B017QRMMM8/

Paperback: https://www.createspace.com/6236943


About the Author


David was born and raised in Wyoming then spent his twenties traveling the world. He now spends his time in McKeesport Pennsylvania with his wife Emily. He has been writing since he was a child, enjoying success in the young authors program, local literary magazines, and blogging. You can follow David’s new projects and release dates on his Facebook author page.


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What Reviewers are saying

“Definitely worth reading.“-Amazon Reviewer

The author makes great use of his setting offering many rich details”-Amazon Reviewer

“I loved the writing and the story. Then [sic] ending is unexpected and inevitable at the same time. “-Goodreads Reviewer


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Paperback: https://www.createspace.com/6236943

eBook: www.amazon.com/dp/B017QRMMM8/





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Elevated Hijinks (Excerpt 1)

Elevated Hijinks (Excerpt 1)

Tony was watching through the window while Natasha was upstairs in her room laying down. Nadia’s phone rang as soon they walked in the door and she motioned to the others to go into the den, with Tony leading the way. She pushed the speaker button when she answered the phone.

“Hello, Katie. What did you find out?”

“Natasha wasn’t stung by a bee unless the bee ingested Apenadrylophene for lunch. We need to get X-rays of her arm and see if we can determine where the injection site is. Unless she’s bathed or showered there may some trace evidence at the site. Can you bring her in now?”

“Yes, we can. Battle, Tyson, and Tiffany are with us. How long do we have before the drug breaks down and can’t be detected?”

“We’ve got about a four-hour window from the time she was injected to get any testable residue. Don’t delay.”

“We won’t, but we’ve got to talk to Tony and Natasha to get a fix on the time it took for the events to unfold so we can start searching for our boys.”

“I understand and I know you’ll find them, but we really need to get her in here, soon.”

“Within the hour. Thanks,” and she ended the call.

“We have to talk fast so we can get Natasha into the lab for X-rays. As you heard, Katie found Apenadrylophene in her blood sample, which means, she was injected with it and what she thought was a bee sting was actually a needle prick,” Nadia said, pacing the floor.

Battle watched her for a moment. “Swatere, sit down and breathe. We’ve got this.”

“What? What have you got?” Nadia shrilled, still pacing.

“You take Natasha into the lab, we’ll talk to Tony and while you’re with Natasha, you can question her about what she saw and if she remembers anyone close enough to her that might have been a threat,” Tiffany said.

Tony stood in the middle of the room running his fingers through his hair absentmindedly. He was frazzled and it showed. “Yeah, go ahead and take her in. I’ll do my best to remember what happened before I got back to her.”

Looking frantically, at everyone in the room, Nadia sighed, turned and left to get Natasha.

“Okay Tony, we need you to think. Do you remember anyone standing next to you and Natasha before you left to get the car?” Battle asked.

Tyson had pulled out a notepad while Tiffany turned on her tablet, ready to type.

He shrugged. “No, I don’t think so. I was too busy watching the boys play.”

“Not good enough!” Battle growled through clenched teeth, getting in Tony’s face. “When I said think, I mean think. Close your eyes for a minute, and allow yourself to go back to that disco fence. You had to see someone when you turned to leave. Think man!”


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What Happened?

Boom, Boom!
“Make it stop,” Tiny cried.
Bobby huddled, pale-faced, shuddering.
“What is that?” he sputtered.
Silence. The motor of the a/c stopped.
More silence.
Tiny nervously moved towards the door; it slammed open, making her jump.
“Aih!” she screamed, hiding behind the couch, waiting for the end.

(c) 2015 by Mary M. Hall-Rayford

The Last Cabin

I warned them! And just as I said it would happen, it happened!

The rushing water overflowed the banks of the gulley, making a path up the hill where the cabins sat like targets, just waiting to be picked off and one by one in the torrential showers that fed the bloated gulley, cabins disappeared—some floating, some engulfed until only the rooftops were visible.

The girls in my cabin screamed, terrified that we would be washed into Lake Huron since our cabin was closest to the lake.

“Hush!” I cautioned, knowing screaming would not solve anything. “Quickly, get everything you can onto a top bunk, and then tie yourselfs to the bunks with your sheets.”

“I don’t want to drown,” Petra screamed, sitting on her lower bed.

“Well, if you don’t want to drown, get off your butt and move it!” I yelled. I jumped from my perch on the top bunk as I watched the rising water and hurriedly threw stuff on the top bunks that were not being used and then started stripping the sheets, wrapping the girls into a hammock wrap and tying the sheets to the bunk.

“Hurry, Mrs. C.” Donnetta yelled, looking at the water.

“I will. I just have to get a few things done.”

I quickly tossed them the plastic containers they had used for snacks and told them to keep them close for bathroom purposes and wrapped the food into the rain ponchos. By the time I threw the last container on my own bunk, water crept in under the door.

“Help!” the girls screamed.

“There’s no one to help us, so you might as well stop screaming,” I said, grabbing some snacks and a six pack of water, wrapping it my raincoat.

“Don’t use your flashlights unless it is absolutely necessary,” I yelled above the sound of the water, trying to invade our little domain. I prayed as I tied myself to the bed, but inwardly cringed as I heard the beams give with the tug of the water. And off we went. Floating with all the debris that managed to get into the path of the water.

The girls were silent and I couldn’t see what they were doing in the dark, so I dared to turn on my flashlight and they were curled into their wraps, eyes bugging out, frightened beyond measure.

“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream,” I started singing. They looked at me as though I’d lost my mind, but I encouraged them to join in the song. Eventually they did.

I don’t know how long we sang that song when we heard a loud thump. I looked out the window, but could seeing nothing but blackness and I didn’t dare get out of the bunk.

“What was that?” Tonya asked, crying. “I want to go home.”

“Sh.” I said. “I don’t know. I’m not sure where we are and…

I didn’t get a chance to finish that sentence because boards of the cabin walls came crashing into our cabin—the last cabin in the camp.

“Lord, have mercy!” was the last thing I remember saying.

The rain stopped!
The sun was shining!
I tramped along the wet grass to the bathhouse humming, “Thank You, Lord!”

© Mary M. Hall-Rayford 2015

My first attempt at flash fiction. Please let me know how I did with it. 🙂

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