What Can Be Accomplished in Three Hours!

Now from the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land. Matthew 27:45 NKJV

From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over all the land. Matthew 27:45 NIV

Whenever we think of darkness–we presume the event to be ominous. Storm clouds which darken the sky during daylight hours are ominous. Darkness looming over a person’s countenance is ominous and most–who are observant–become fearful of the person. But what happened during that three hour period of ominous darkness on that day?

Having an active imagination has its advantages some days and today, I’m going to take advantage of my imagination.

From noon to three–in the midst of the darkness and in the midst of all the insults hurled at Jesus from those who had witnessed the miracles He performed, those who hated that He spoke with more authority and authenticity than they had, and those who mocked Him out of ignorance–God was working in the mind of His Son–cheering Him on and reminding Him of what the world would be like once this task was finished.

While some stood fearful–mindful of the darkness and not able to see around them–God appears and holds His Son, embracing Him with all the Love He could to empower Him to stay the course. He whispered to Him to keep Him focused on all the sin that would no longer be laid at the feet of men who would choose to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord. He showed Him all the illnesses that would be covered under the blood that He willingly shed so we would not have to suffer. He caressed Him with a soothing voice saying, “Not much longer now and it will be finished, just remember, all of mankind will be saved because of You.”

And about three o’clock, God returned to His throne, leaving His Son alone for those final moments, unable to bear seeing Him being so burdened with the sins and diseases of the world. When Jesus realized–in the midst of His agony–that the Spirit of God had left Him, He cried out–asking why He had been left alone.

Those hearing Him, thought He was calling up Elijah, but the moment had come, when victory would be ours. Jesus’ spirit returned to The Father and the earth opened in shame and regret–shaking the foundation of all those who were entrenched in the teachings of the those who dishonored God and the building were they dishonored worshipping Him there. The bodies of all the holy people who had died rose from the dead and walked among the people, amazed at what they saw–how far the people had fallen from worshipping the One True God. Those who witnessed all that happened in that moment–were finally convinced that Jesus was indeed the Son of God.

God the Father encouraged His Son within those three hours to stay the course and know victory and no one saw God minister to His Son because of the darkness. What can God for us in three hours–when no one is looking and cannot see how He speaks to us? Will they see–in the final moments–before the light is shone upon us what God was doing because of the determination we show to finish our course? Or will they see us defeated, discouraged, and done?

There are times in our lives that we should pray for darkness (a time no one can see what God is doing for us) and then when the light comes–we proudly proclaim all He has said and done for all to see–the victory He’s given and the determination to keep moving forward to accomplish all He has put in our hearts to do.

What can you accomplish in three hours that will cause others to see victory in your lives–on your own? If we’re honest with ourselves, we can do absolutely nothing without Him.

“Here I am Lord! Cloak me with darkness and embrace me love, empowering me with determination to keep going–accomplishing all You have given me to do in the light of day.”


Don’t Be Afraid!

“Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged,” Joshua told his men. “Be strong and courageous, for the LORD is going to do this to all of your enemies.” (Joshua 10:25 NLT)

FEAR–is an attitude (primarily developed out of ignorance of the unknown) that keeps people from doing the very best they can. When people “act” on their fears, innocent people are killed; hatred drives them to destruction, and nothing good ever results from it.

Perfect love–unconditional love towards all human beings–casts fears aside and opens the door to knowledge, revelation, and understanding. Just because are different or do things differently than how we do them–they are still human beings, worthy of love and our understanding.

How can we say, we “hate” someone or a group of people, when we really do not understand them? Racial strife and religious bigotry should never be part of anyone’s life who claims to know God. Did He not make us all in His image? Regardless of our racial background, nationality, ethnicity or religious affiliation–God created us all for His purposes, not our own.

There are so many cultural differences in the world that they are far too numerous for me to disseminate in this commentary, but suffice it to say, that we are “all uniquely created human beings” and if God had wanted clones, He could have done that! We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” so God gets the glory for our uniqueness and various talents and gifts that He gives so we can do all that He would have us to do.

Rather than hate people because of differences, why can’t we spend the time getting to know people and getting to understand why they do what they do, instead of assuming they are wrong and we are right? Are we always right? NO! Are they always wrong? NO! Do people have a right to be who they are rather than who we want them to be? ABSOLUTELY!

The only thing that Christians have a right to judge is “sin” (according to God’s Word), not people. We have a right to call sin what it is, but we do not have a right to hate people or to condemn them. Judging what they do (as does the law of the land) is one thing. Judging them and concluding they can never change–is not our job. In the end–God will determine where we all spend eternity based upon our works in the earth (what we actually do).

While there is yet time–open your heart and hear God–know His heart and how He feels about all of His people. Embrace the cultural differences and get to know people rather than judge them. Accept the fact that not everyone is going to see things your way or understand why you do what you do and enjoy discussion and interactions with those who are “different” from you. This is how we make a difference in the world–acceptance of people–without judgment or hatred–allowing ourselves to understand them and for them to understand us. So, don’t be afraid to get to know someone who is “different” than you! You just might be surprised at how wonderful your life and theirs will be!

“Red, yellow, black or white–we are all precious in His sight!” Jesus loves and so should we!