Adversary or Advocate?

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8):

An adversary is a person or group or force that opposes and attacks another.The Adversary is Satan.

An advocate is someone who writes, speaks, supports or pleads or intercedes on behalf on others. Our Advocate is Jesus!

Now, to put this in perspective–any time someone opposes truth or deliberately creates problems for others, they become an adversary. This is true on a spiritual level as well as a natural one.

In a classroom–when students oppose or create the teacher or create problems for the entire classroom–they are adversaries to peace.

In a home–when children oppose parents or create problems they are adversaries to discipline.

In the churches–when opposition arises against the people–regardless of its origin–they become an adversary to order in the congregation.

In communities–when rowdy citizens create disturbances that keep others from enjoying peace and quiet where they live–they are adversaries to rights of others.

In nations–when leadership or the people–oppose policies that are for the greater good for all–they become adversaries to justice and sanity.

Those who fight for the rights of others on almost any front–except the promotion of sin--are the advocates who will find themselves aligned with the Will of God. Those who don’t–are aligned with The Adversary’s plans to destroy mankind.

Now is a good time to think which side you are aligned with–as an advocate or an adversary.

Are you adversary or advocate? You are the only one who can make that determination.

Lord, help us to be advocates for truth according to Your Word and not our opinions or emotions. Help us to advocate for the benefit of others who are overwhelmed with fighting their adversaries alone. Give us wisdom and courage to do all that is right in Your sight, keeping The Adversary in his placed, defeated and under our feet.