Right in God’s Sight!

“A person may think their own ways are right, but the Lord weighs the heart. To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.” Proverbs 21: 2,3 NIV

In this world–societies of men determine what is right and what is wrong–sometimes these determinations are made with the guidance of God’s Word and sometimes, men fall prey to the dictates of other men and decide that was wrong is now right and what was right is now wrong.

The real challenge is knowing–whose “right” is right! Can what man says ever be right over what God says? Not for those who believe God’s Word. For us, His Word settles all questions that may arise about right and wrong, good and evil, and judgment for saints and sinners alike.

Looking back in history, we know that man has constantly abused other people by putting them into bondage and making them build civilizations with blood and sweat and sometimes their lives. Though some think that slavery began with people being exported from Africa to other nations, slavery began in the history of man, when one group discovered they could manipulate others. Though usually as a matter of who won a battle in war, some people were enslaved out of manipulation and deceit (African transports). What has always been amazing to me is the fact that a minority group of people can terrorize the majority into doing their bidding. We see this dilemma played out again and again in history and what happens eventually is rebellion of the masses, leading to bloodshed and more change.

This appears to be the cycle of mankind whenever we attempt to change or deviate from God’s Word. Deliberate misinterpretation of God’s Word leads people to believe they are the superior race over others and they have a right to mistreat others. Foolishly have some believed that the Ham’s curse was that his descendants were black people. A closer study of man’s beginnings would bring understanding of the fact that the first man–Adam–was a person of color since all life began on the continent of Africa. Migration–moving away from hot climates into colder ones, led to the change in skin color–not superiority of one race over another. Who decided man’s skin color from the beginning? God–when He created man from the dust of the earth. Who decided the nature of man from the beginning? God–when He created them male and female.

What changed things? Superiority and avarice changed things for mankind from one continent to another and has not changed since the beginning with the first act of disobedience. When man thought he knew better than God, change in the atmosphere led to manipulation and deceit which is why we are where we are today. Manipulation of a minority of people who have changed the atmosphere of doing right in God’s sight into doing whatever they want to do–has led to controversy, hatred and turmoil. Persecution of Christians is on the rise because a minority feel their rights override the rights of Christians. Believers are being sued because they stand on their faith in God. Hatred is running rampant and the minority is leading the pack–claiming their “right” supersedes God’s right. 

In the final analysis–all who have eyes and ears will see and hear that God’s right is always right and His wrong is always wrong. But since Satan has blinded those who believe they can call God’s wrong, right, they will reap the benefit of not heeding God’s Word and be cut off and remembered no more; their deliverance from their enslavement–created by the minority–will end with the deaths of the minority since their seed ends with them.

We must–in order to sustain our civilization of mankind--understand that only God is right and what we do in His sight, will ever be accounted right.


Fear Leads to Hate!

There’s a reason why God didn’t give us a spirit of fear–He know that when we become fearful–we develop hate for that which we hate and that includes–people–for any reason.

I just listened to a very interesting message from Jesse Duplantis on the background of black folks and the song, “Amazing Grace” in which some–had very negative comments to make. Jesse was commending the ability of black people to sing in the midst of all the horrible things that were done to them and the tragedy that befalls many black people today because of “hatred within the race” and violence perpetuated against them.

This is my response to those who think that “the white man” is the problem black people have to overcome. We must overcome our tendency to fear and hate people for no reason other than–they are different.

The “white man” is not the only race or group of people who have been influenced by Satan and his attempt to rid the earth of all mankind.

Some black folks think that it was the “white man’s” greed that started slavery. That’s because they either do not read or cannot read. Slavery was a way of life in Africa, but the slaves were treated more like family than like animals. Their worth was appreciated by those who kept them–fed, and from harm. But the reality is–it was the Africans who sold out those who captured and into a different kind of slavery and then the same ones who thought they were profiting from the sale, also found themselves in captivity.

Some black folks think that the black race is the only race that was ever mistreated–in this country. Historically, we know that the human race began on the continent of Africa and no matter what the actual skin color was–people were not “white” as we know white and could not have been because of the climate of that region. So whether they were “black” or brown or red or yellow–makes no difference–people who were different and are different–from those in positions of power have always been treated badly.

Every tribe of mankind has contributed to mistreatment of others in one way or another. Beheading people is not new–it is ancient form for execution. Raping innocent women and children–nothing new. Lynching people and burning them, tarring and feathering, drowning, crucifying them–nothing new. It has all been done before–to the Jews, the Gentiles, Africans, Native Americans, Black Folks and White Folks, women, children, men, and boys, of every ethnic group–and since we seldom learn from History, we are going to repeat the atrocities committed against those who had no real standing in society, but they were feared because they were different. Fear of them,led people to hate them and for those who were already in positions of power–their fear was not only unfounded, but ludicrous.

Why should anyone fear others when the “others” have no real power?  Satan speaks a word of encouragement to fear–to the hearts of those who are fence-straddlers and easy to influence and then it is game on–he who fears the most, commits the most heinous crimes against those he fears.

We know that fear is a tool of the enemy because God is love and love casts out fear. Remember that one?

If you’re reading this and you’re black, you may resent the implication–the use of the bible that some now say is the “white man’s bible” and black people were told a lie about God all along–especially Jesus. This is why we had a radical movement that promoted a “black Jesus” over a white one. How did that happen? A few radicals went to college and got a little bit of education and decided that everything they had been taught by God was a lie. They ridiculed their mothers and grandmothers, and fathers, and grandfathers for believing a lie and after all–they had to know more than those who were not allowed to read or learn in higher education–they had been to college.

Well, to those who think they know it all, let me give you a clue. You could read every book ever written in every language ever known and still not know it all. The source of all knowledge has escaped you because you’re relying upon your own ability to comprehend what you read, but really do not understand. True wisdom comes from God and understanding His Wisdom only comes with relationship with Him–not books or hatred or fear.

I was not alive when Jesus walked the earth and it really doesn’t matter because no one reading this was either. I’m not going to get into any foolish debate about His race, skin color or anything else because it matters not. What matters is that when He hung on that cross, His blood was shed for me and that settles the matter–for me.

We should all be more concerned with saving the human race than in promoting hatred and fear because in my limited tenure here on earth I’ve discovered a few things: We all bleed when we’re cut open, we all hurt when we lose a loved one, and one day–we will die. While we’re living–we all–every race, ethnicity, nationality–whatever–have stupid, ignorant, vile, hateful people living among us and that is their choice. We do not have to cave to their stupidity and in fact, we should be empowered by their stupidity to really show them the love of Jesus that resides within those of us who know Him.

I know it’s been said before, by many and I will say it again and I know, someone else will say it as well–LET’S GET OVER OURSELVES AND STOP HATING ONE ANOTHER, LYING UPON ONE ANOTHER, AND LIVING IN FEAR OF ONE ANOTHER! We all belong to “one race” no matter what our skin color is and that is–the greatest creation God ever created–His Pride and Joy–the Human Race.

Now, can we stop making Him regret He ever decided to create us and all of our monstrous behaviors towards one another? God is love and He can do nothing but love us–and shake His head in sorrow while He watches us–destroy ourselves out of fear and hate!