Living In Unity!

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Psalm 133:1 NIV

My immediate thoughts are about the marvelous work that can be accomplished when people can work together–focused on the same goals. Assembly line work also comes to mind–everyone knowing exactly what their role is and how what they do impacts the final product–the car that comes off the line, ready to be driven.

This is how God’s people–all The Believers–should live in unity–each knowing their role and how what we do impacts the end result–promotion of The Gospel and perpetuation of peace.

If we all understand our individual giftings and work within them and everyone focuses on what the end result should be and determines to make it happen–more people would be introduced to Christ and the more we know Him, the greater the opportunity for us to experience peace.

We’ve heard songs about coming together for the greater good of the whole by various artists; we’ve read poetry and books about the importance of being united; and now–it’s time for us to practice what we preach and what we’ve heard. For as long as we refuse to live in unity–on one accord–the enemy will continue to divide and defeat us–at every turn. Isn’t it about time we recognize who our real enemy is and fight back by unifying the Body of Christ?

I’m reminded of the song, “We Shall Overcome” and wonder when that day will happen. If we cannot live in unity, without bickering, complaining, backbiting, and tale-bearing, how will we truly ever–overcome–anything?

Let unity begin with us–those who Believe in the power of Holy Spirit working within us and focus on bringing unity in the lives of all around us--especially the Body of Christ, no matter what denominationalism reigns–the goal is unity–being on one accord, living The Word!