Battlerama Super Tweens On The Other Side (excerpt b)

Botcha-ku had not prepared his team for the additions, but it did not matter. He was a master in martial arts and he could take on the whole team by himself, but he did not think it prudent to do so. When he raised his hand, the team attacked.

“Kiao!” they yelled and split the air with their flying kicks.

“What does the fox say?” Derek yelled.

The Seven and their help easily deflected the onslaught of kicks and punches because Shane moved so fast through the rumble that the Dragon Slayers did not know who they were fighting. Derek was able to get his hand on one person and used them as a sling, pushing back the others. When they finally broke rank, Ian and Deborah were back-to-back in combat with two of the Dragon slayers, while the Seven were working on tiring out the rest.

For a short time, Botcha-ku watched until he grew weary and with his magic conjured up rabblers from the other side and turned them loose on the group. Now, since each of the Seven had a short sword in their hands, they could easily fight off the rabblers. Maria vanished and suddenly, the rabblers began falling backwards as if they were pins in a bowling alley.

“What does the fox say?” Maria yelled.

Anthony, taking his cue from Maria, blew an ice ring around the fallen rabblers that would hold them since they would not be able to stand the touch of the ice. Tori grabbed Shane’s and Jiao’s hands and cloned them until there were six of each of them and Botcha-ku didn’t know which to decimate. Kiara fought valiantly alongside Chin and Derek until Derek seemingly gave up, unable to breathe.

Chin and Kiara stepped around him to protect him and when Derek inhaled deeply, he blew a ring of fire around two of the Dragon Slayers.

“What does the fox say?” Kiara yelled.

Botcha-ku was astounded. He knew they had powers, but he didn’t know the extent of their powers. Just as he was about to even the odds against them, he found himself in a tango with Chin. There was very quizzical look on Chin’s face and an equally quizzical look on Botcha-ku’s face. It was if they both recognized something very familiar within each one.

Botcha-ku’s memory surfaced first and he attacked Chin with everything ounce of strength he had and would have brought forth more magic, if Chin had not moved quickly, taking him down in a sweep kick, and was sitting on top of him. Chin quickly pulled the short sword he had coated with his own concoction and pricked Botcha-ku’s skin with the blade.

Within seconds, Botcha-ku began to weaken and wither. Chin had made sure there was not enough of the toxic plant juice to kill him, just to revert the anti-aging agent he had made for himself and Pang-chi. Chin was a bit regretful about Pang-chi, but Botcha-ku had to be stopped and as for Pang-chi, she had outlived her life a long time ago.

“Tell them to stand down!” Chin warned Botcha-ku.

“Xiàtái!” Botcha-ku shouted in a quivering voice.

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Thanking God!

I’ve been up, literally all night!

When I impose deadlines on myself, I try like crazy to make it happen. I made it happen, but I’m also very tired.

I was not up all night wrapping gifts. I was up all night typing and revising, and revising my latest book in the Battlerama series. And the reason I was up all night? Tired and not paying attention.  But I’m thanking God for being up with me.  We had time to chat. He kept telling me that sometimes, I move a little too fast. When I do, I make mistakes and then spend much more time fixing the mistakes that I would not have made, if I hadn’t moved so fast.

I got it! I really grateful that in the quiet times of the night, when I only hear the sounds of the keys clicking, that I can hear my Daddy speak to me. He is so good!

I already knew that this day would be a bit of a challenge, but I didn’t know I’d face it without getting any sleep.  If I hurry, I may get a nap in before others wake up. But while I wait for sleep to overtake me, I just wanted to let you know that I truly thank God for loving me so!

When you get a chance–check out the new book and see how Holy Spirit worked with me during the month of November for NaNoWriMo Challenge  Battlerama Super Tweens On The Other Side! Let me know what you think of it. I’m grateful!

Have a wonderful day celebrating and stay safe!