Beginning To Understand!

Trying to find something worthwhile on television these days is an exercise in futility, unless a person likes watching people being killed, autopsied, betrayals, conspiracies, no integrity, and celebrations of sin.  I’m beginning to understand why many older citizens prefer not to watch television at all. These shows are really debilitating to the spirit.

Reality shows that have no basis whatever in “reality.”

Sex, adultery, backstabbing, mothers sleeping with daughter’s husbands and boyfriends. Fathers sleeping with anyone they can get their hands on.

New murders, old murders, incest, rape, ridicule of real life situations by writers intent on keeping wounds bleeding.

Women exposed for their inability to know who their baby’s father is.

Young people thinking it’s okay to sleep with as many people as possible and teenage parenting celebrated on television.

Celebrities and their offspring get national attention for being vulgar and undisciplined with their use of drugs and alcohol, and many sit glued to a television set, just waiting for the next episode of the stupid and inane, watching their parents applaud their lewdness.

Is there one program on television that is truly geared for viewing by families with morals and values that are based on a wholesome relationship with God (not televangelism)? Now, if the one program is found, is it on local networks or cable? Does a person have to watch the same show over and over again or is there any variety available?

I’m beginning to understand that our society has become so amoral that we need to re-define morals and values.  In the midst of all this “ungodliness” portrayed on television, is there any wonder that many people don’t understand that not having a relationship with God is the reason we’re at this crossroad?  On the television, for all to see, we celebrate the worthlessness (as they see it) of life by repeatedly showing kids how to steal, kill, and destroy.  We teach them to not value their bodies or the bodies of others. Where is the outrage? Do the writers of these shows care? Do they have children of their own?  Do the actors allow their children to watch the smutty shows in which they perform?

I’m beginning to understand and pray others do as well.  It’s time to make a change, but will we do it or just complain?

Lord, help us to not invite the spirit of evil into our minds by what we watch on television, in the movies, and listen to on radios. Help us to maintain our focus on You and in doing good for all people.